October: Scene Around Town

Jeff Stryker, Joe Cullum, Nick Greksouk, Mark Ragland and others during the Rebuilding Together fundraiser at The Old Dominion Boat Club.

Spotted Mike BonDurant, Kris Gilbertson and Dick Bursch with Natalia Kemska (server) and Margaret Staples (Manager) at Table Talk.

Hope Lauren Peele, Jason Burke, Buzz Peele, Kim Corbett Peele and Rosie Peele at the “Buzz Peele Retires from Trader Joe’s After 18 Years Party” held at Sunday in Saigon.

Mom’s Consignment Sale was warmly welcomed by Pastor Grace Han and Philip Reynolds at Trinity UMC.

Rowena Garcia Martelino at The Old Town Farmers Market with her handmade jewelry.

Delegate Mark Levine, Senator Mark Warner at the home of hosts Susie Saffelle and her husband Coach Mike Hughes with an unexpected fire smoldering behind them.

General Manager Felicia Sasfai Assistant with Owner Paul Haire of The Dog Store/Your Dog’s Best Friends, sponsors of the Alexandria Annual Dog Swim.

Robert Coontz, Jolene Jesse, Alice Rogalski, William Rogalski and Scott Knudsen at the Native Virginia Plant Sale.

Stormie Ramer and her adorable daughter, Isla, shopping at Giant.

Photos by Lucelle O’Flaherty.

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