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Domination: Bishop Ireton’s Marymargaret Quinn is the Zebra Athlete of the Month!

“I’ve learned that if you work as hard as you can, you will be successful,” Quinn told The Zebra.  

Marymargaret Quinn at Bishop Ireton High School. (Photo: James Cullum)

Alexandria, VA – Bishop Ireton’s Marymargaret Quinn is a beast on the playing fields of any sport she chooses! The senior Cardinal is currently a forward on the varsity field hockey team, but it’s really on the lacrosse field that she shines. The 18-year-old will take a partial athletic scholarship to play lacrosse at the University of Richmond next fall. In the meantime, however, she’s tearing it up as the leading scorer of the field hockey team with seven goals this season.   

“I have two older brothers, one’s 24 and the others 20, so I grew up playing against them, and all the neighborhood boys,” Quinn said. “They would play backyard tag, football, and other sports. My brothers were the hardest on me when it came to backyard sports. They wouldn’t let me play with them unless I was good enough to compete. They didn’t want me to embarrass them in front of their friends, and I am super competitive because of that.” 

Cardinal Field Hockey Coach Erin Simons credits Quinn’s success to twice-a-day workouts in the off-season, being aggressive on the field, and being a good teammate. Quinn transferred to BI in her sophomore year and immediately started playing on the varsity team.   

“She has that quick first step. She’s first to the ball and she’s tenacious in the circle,” Simons said. “She’s not only a great field player, she’s a great teammate. She’s been the captain for two years and she is just phenomenal with her teammates.”

Quinn is also a player in the U.S. Lacrosse National Team Development Program, and in her spare time likes to snowboard, hike, cook, and hang out with her friends. 

Marymargaret Quinn at Bishop Ireton High School. (Photo: James Cullum)

The Interview 

The Zebra: Are you going to put down the field hockey stick when you get to the University of Richmond? 

Quinn: I probably will put it down just because the stress of one college sport. It’s a lot and I don’t know if two sports in college would be the best thing for me.

The Zebra: What does it take for you and the team to be successful on the field? 

Quinn: On the field, leadership. You lead by example. Everyone’s eyes are on you, and so, I like to think of leading by serving, by getting the balls in the cages and just being a good example for my teammates. 

The Zebra: So, you do a lot of the grunt work? 

Quinn:  Yes, exactly and then taking that into life, I’ve learned that if you work as hard as you can you will be successful. And so, I do my best in the classroom, I work as hard as I can. I do it at home with my chores. I try to put my all into whatever I’m doing so that I’ll be successful.

The Zebra: How do you react to unruly teammates who might not prescribe to your philosophy?

Quinn: I try to be supportive. I think bringing negative energy into things isn’t going to make a good impact. So, I try to be positive about it and lift them up and try to get them as excited about something as I am. If you bring them down too much it’s not going to make them any better. I just try to be positive.

The Zebra: What motivates you? 

Quinn: I like to win. But I also just love being out here. When you’ve got a group of people and we’re all working hard to achieve the same goal, I think that’s pretty cool. You don’t get that, really, in school. It’s something you really get from playing on a sports team or being a part of a club. It’s a family.

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