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What is the Key to a Successful Education System?

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By Thornie Longmuir

Different countries have their unique approach to the education system, but it is impossible to find a system which can be named perfect. However, a question what is the key to a successful education system is an object of discussion in the modern society, so it is important to analyze this problem in order to find the answer to this issue. First of all, it must be considered that there are a lot of factors which have an impact on the education process, so it is hard to define the unique key which can make education system to be successful. In this article, you will find a list of factors which are important to the education system, and considering these factors, we can define a key to the perfect education system.

School as a friendly environment for everyone

It is not a secret that for many students all around the world, school is not a place where they go with pleasure and where they can feel comfortable. There are a lot of factors which make students feel uncomfortable during the learning process: a psychological pressure from peers, a great amount of homework, including essay writing to be done, which leads them to confront Google with desperate inquiries like “like “write my paper for me” stressful exams, boring classes.

However, all these problems can be solved to a particular extent if school administration will focus attention on the development of the atmosphere of trust and comfort at school. It is crucial to make students feel like they can trust teachers, and they can ask for help if they need it. School plays an important role in the process of socialization, so for students, it is crucial to have an ability to find support in this process and be directed if they do not know which direction they have to choose.

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New technologies in the learning process

In the modern world, new technologies play a crucial role in all fields such as business or healthcare, and education system is not an exception. Students of new generation feel comfortable using their devices in everyday lives, so it is important to make them feel more comfortable during the learning process with the help of new technologies which can help to make this process to be more effective and interesting. It is much more comfortable for students to have their textbooks on computers or tablets than carrying a paper copy to each class. Also, new technologies give a great number of opportunities to make the learning process more interactive and engage students in work with a higher level of effectiveness. In this way, the school will demonstrate to students the importance of work with new technologies, so they will demonstrate an interest in the learning process and integrate into the class activities with great enthusiasm.

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Less homework is not a joke

All students know the struggle of a great amount of homework. Do you need help with your essay writing? You know how it is hard to find the energy and desire to do homework after a long and exhausting day at school when you can barely think about it. There is no effectiveness in such amounts of homework because students do not perceive information at home after they get enough knowledge at school. Homework should be an additional task which helps students to remember and refresh the information in a more effective way, but there is no necessity to make them struggle to try to figure out a complicated problem. Less homework will have a positive impact on how students work in class because they will have more energy and feel less stressful, so students will perceive information which is presented by the teacher in a more effective way. It must be considered that the effectiveness of such a method is proven by the school system in Finland, which is one of the best education systems in the world. Students in Finland demonstrate higher results because they have less homework, so they experience less stress and pressure in general and can work harder during classes.

Professional teachers as key to success

The learning process is always defined by how the teacher builds it, so it is very important to be sure that the level of qualification of teachers is on a high level. In Finland, not everyone can become a teacher, the process of education for this profession is hard and long, so the person can think twice before he or she will get an opportunity to teach students. The level of professionalism of teachers is defined not only by their knowledge but also by their desire to work with children and to understand them as well. The key to the comfortable environment in the class is related to the teacher’s ability to communicate with students, to find an approach to them, and to provide children with the ability to demonstrate their creativity and talents. A good teacher should be a good leader who can inspire students with his or her authority and give them a positive role model which children follow in order to represent better results.

Equality as a factor of psychological comfort

Equality in education is a problem for many countries, so it is important to focus the attention on this issue in order to make the system better. Children from families with low income do not have the same opportunities with the children from families with higher income, as they do not have access to private schools, tutors, additional courses, and their parents are not focused on the importance of their education. They have lower chances to enter a university as they do not have money for it, and also because of their degrees they cannot get a scholarship, so they have no motivation to work hard as they already know that their future is limited by jobs which require no higher education. It is important to provide students with low income with an opportunity to have more chances to enter a good college and inspire them by demonstration the equal approach to everyone despite their level of income, race or gender.

To sum up, these factors which can make the education system to be better, it must be considered that all these aspects are based on the necessity to create a comfortable environment for students at school. It is important to create a space where students will experience no pressure, less stress from homework and exams, and feel free to be themselves despite their background. A successful education system should be based on the psychological comfort and equality; children should be inspired by teachers to work effectively by the interesting learning process and interactive tools in the educational process. Teachers also define success of education system, so it is essential to be sure that all teachers are devoted to their profession and can find an individual approach to each student in order to provide all children with the effective communication and solve problems which can occur during the learning process.

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