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U.S. Army Veteran Explains His Journey to Becoming a Successful Fitness Together® Franchise Owner

Rick Coe, owner of two DC-Metro Fitness Together® studios, explains why his U.S. Army service enabled his success as a small business owner, and why the fitness industry helped retain his military identity.

The Fitness Together brand has 23 years of franchising experience and is a nationwide, one-on-one personal training concept that offers private suites, utilizing some of the most educated and experienced trainers in the industry. 

Rick Coe, OWNER

WASHINGTON, DC  – Veterans transitioning from active service to the civilian workforce are often challenged by a lack of career structure in Corporate America and a sense of no personal purpose without a clear mission. Rick Coe, former U.S. Army officer and a graduate of West Point who owns two Fitness Together® studios in the DC-metro area, says franchising helps provide veterans the opportunity to create their own sense of purpose and career track by owning their own business, while relying on their military background to learn the skills necessary to be successful small business owners.

Rick translated his military experience – as a Tank Commander – to the corporate world after leaving the Army. After his third job in 2007, Rick became dissatisfied with the corporate structure and decided to open his first Fitness Together studio. “It was a no-brainer. As I had never owned a fitness studio before, I decided to buy into a franchise with a solid brand name at an affordable rate,” says Rick. “Leveraging the Fitness Together franchise system and years of experience enabled me to help get my studio to be profitable, quickly.”

For Veterans Day, Rick wants to get the word out on why veterans are uniquely qualified to find success opening franchises, particularly in the fitness industry.

Why the fitness industry?

“For me, the fitness industry helped me retain my personal and military identity. Many veterans can lose themselves while transitioning to civilian life and need a life mission to keep their minds focused and valuable skills fresh. Transition is traumatic. As a veteran, you’re likely in fantastic shape and may find a home in the fitness industry helping people achieve their fitness goals. People value my background as their coach, and you can capitalize on your experience.”

Why is a veteran’s military background helpful to becoming a successful business owner?

“Depending on the rank and branch of service, some veterans may have difficulty in entrepreneurship, business development, and new skills development including learning how to run payroll, hiring staff, and administering health care. However, veterans are often masters of task delegation, thanks to their military background. If they themselves are not the expert at handling normal business operations, they are the experts at helping build a trustworthy team to get the job done.”

How can veterans find success as small business owners?

“Finding success is not about profit or income. First, find something you enjoy and master it. Second, never be distracted. Opening a small business is hard financially, emotionally, and can put pressure on your marriage and family – but you’re a U.S. veteran. You are light years ahead of anyone at enduring tough challenges. As you were taught in active duty, ignore the noise. Repetitively train for upcoming challenges. Identify your overall mission, build your strategy to achieve success, and execute.”

This Veterans Day, encourage a veteran to chase their entrepreneurial bug. Like Rick’s successful small business owner story, encourage a veteran to identify what they enjoy and explore any franchise opportunities available to them. As the fitness industry continues to grow and is a natural fit for veterans, learn more about Fitness Together franchise opportunities at fitnesstogetherfranchise.com


Experienced professional trainers at Fitness Together® studios are dedicated to creating personalized fitness routines that are tailored to each client’s specific health and wellness goals. Fitness Together studios utilize some of the most educated, experienced trainers in the industry along with real-world fitness experience to help clients achieve optimal health through a customized, industry-leading fitness program. Sessions take place in a private workout suite, which means no distractions and no waiting for equipment so clients can focus on producing results. To begin your journey with an Fitness Together professional trainer, please visit fitnesstogether.com to locate one of  the nearly 140 locations nationwide to find the one nearest you.  

About Fitness Together

Fitness Together® is a one-on-one private, personal training franchise focused on changing clients’ lives with improved fitness and health. Whether the aim is to lose weight, tone and tighten muscles, or simply achieve better health, Fitness Together trainers’ pair clients with a personal trainer and a workout plan tailored for the individual’s goals, and focused on results. Clients receive the accountability they need and the privacy they desire with the Fitness Together brand.

Fitness Together Franchise, LLC began franchising in 1996 and has approximately 140 locations across the United States with additional locations planned for 2019. To learn more about the brand and owning a Fitness Together® franchise, visit www.fitnesstogetherfranchise.com. Each Fitness Together® is independently owned and operated.  Fitness Together® and Fitness Together + design are registered trademarks owned by Fitness Together Franchise, LLC.

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