Mount Vernon

You Might Be Living on One of George Washington’s Farms

Even if you have visited the property before, go see it again.

A beautiful sunny day at Mt. Vernon, one of the nation’s most popular historic attractions, located right in our own backyard. When was the last time you visited? (Photos: Susan Fleischman)

ALEXANDRIA, VA – Do you live south of Old Town down the Route 1 and Fort Hunt Road corridors? Chances are you are living on one of George Washington’s original five farms. Sprawled over 7,400 acres, Washington’s business holdings bloomed throughout the late 18th century. The frontispiece of his acreage was his residence at Mount Vernon, where he built his home on a promontory overlooking the Potomac River.

The view of the Potomac from the front gallery. (Photo: Susan Fleischman)

After Washington’s death in 1789, his holdings were sold and the estate fell into neglect. Thankfully the Mount Vernon Ladies’ Association bought the property in 1853, recognizing its historic significance. Thus began what would become an expensive, long process to restore the mansion and grounds, resulting in one of this area’s most successful and popular attractions.

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Views are endless from the grounds of the Mount Vernon Estate. (Photo: Susan Fleischman)

If you haven’t been to Mount Vernon before, you’re long overdue for a visit. Even if you have visited the property before, go see it again. The house and grounds are all decked out for the holidays, Aladdin the camel is in his paddock, and the docents are as enthusiastic, informative, and friendly as ever. There’s always something new to learn and see, and the views from Washington’s front porch are worth the trip alone.

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