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Two Candidates Vie for Alexandria Democratic Committee Leadership

Boyd Walker Challenges Six-Year Incumbent Clarence Tong

ALEXANDRIA, VA – There’s a local challenge afoot in the Alexandria Democratic Committee (ADC). Boyd Walker and Clarence Tong are both seeking the top position in the local Alexandria Democratic Committee leadership

Since 2014, Clarence Tong has led the organization as its Chair, successfully winning three two-year terms back to back, but at this Monday’s monthly meeting, members of the ADC will have Boyd Walker’s name on the ballot as well.

Boyd Walker Pushes Trump Defeat

Boyd Walker

On Monday, December 2, Boyd Walker announced his campaign to be Chair of the Alexandria Democratic Committee. Serving as Resolutions Chair for the past two years, and volunteer and outreach chair before that, Walker said in a January 4, 2020 press release that he decided to take on the six-year incumbent because he believes the ADC needs new leadership that will prioritize defeating Donald Trump.

“As important as our Virginia Senate and House races are to passing essential progressive legislation,” Walker said, “Trump is a direct threat to the future of our democracy. We must not leave anything on the table in this battle.”

Clarence Tong Cites Successes

ADC current Chair Clarence Tong

For reelection, current Chair Clarence Tong points to unprecedented membership growth and party accomplishments made during his tenure.

In his official candidate position paper sent to Zebra this morning, Tong states, “We have the opportunity to build on our record-setting progress which, in 2018, included historic Democratic performance and turnout for Senator Kaine and Congressman Beyer (over 80% of the vote with 70% turnout). This also included sweeping the City Council elections for the third time in a row. In 2019, through our efforts, we helped re-elect Sen. George Barker, delivering 83% of the vote in Alexandria for his re-election. In 2020, it is critical for the ADC to help unify and mobilize Democrats to defeat Donald Trump.

Who is the Alexandria Democratic Committee?

The Alexandria Democratic Committee (ADC) exists under the authority of the Democratic Party of the United States and the Democratic Party of the Commonwealth of Virginia. The ADC is a part of and recognized by the Eighth District Democratic Committee and the Democratic Party of Virginia. Every four years, the ADC sends representatives to the Democratic National Convention.

Membership is capped at 400 (200 in the East and 200 in the West precincts) in the ADC bylaws and the dues are $25 per year. Members agree to regular attendance at the monthly meetings, to assist in fundraising for the ADC and Democratic candidates, participation in grassroots precinct activities, such as phone banking, distributing literature, door-to-door canvassing, working at polls on election days, and volunteering at the local headquarters.

The Election

All executive board positions are being voted upon Monday, January 6 at 7:30 p.m. at the regular monthly meeting held at the Minnie Howard Campus Auditorium, 3801 W Braddock Road.

Only ADC members who submitted complete applications on or before December 2, 2019, the ADC reorganization date, are eligible to vote. Votes will be cast and counted at the meeting.

Other positions with candidates running uncontested are Vice Chair for Finance and Administration, Vice Chair for Precinct Operations East, Vice Chair for Precinct Operations West, Secretary, Treasurer, Vice Chair for Communications, Vice Chair for Technology, Vice Chair for Resolutions, Leadership Circle Chair, Vice Chair for Community Outreach, and Vice Chair for Volunteer Coordination.

For a complete list and more information on offices and general committee info, see

Mary Wadland

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