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Alexandria Doctor Reaches Out to Area Businesses for Masks and Gloves

Medical workers need protection while taking swabs for corona virus tests. (Photo: Adobe Stock)

ALEXANDRIA, VA – On Wednesday afternoon, Alexandria physician Dr. Matthew Haden, of Modern Mobile Medicine, reached out to area businesses for masks, gloves and other gear necessary to conduct COVID-19 testing.

“There is a shortage of personal protective equipment for medical workers that is necessary in order to be able to test patients for COVID-19 and treat them if they do have it,” says Dr. Haden.

“We are not able to get N95 masks, nitrile gloves, disposable isolation gowns (long sleeve, water repellant) or masks with splash guards for the eyes. Without these, the CDC and health department have advised us not to see any patients with potential COVID-19, or we risk spreading the virus and being quarantined ourselves and sidelined from the fight.

Haden asked fellow Del Ray Business Association members if they might have those supplies since they are also used in construction and restaurant industries. According to Haden, the Alexandria Health Department does not stock these items, and the local hospitals are short on supplies also.”

If you can offer assistance, please contact Dr. Haden directly at [email protected].

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Mary Wadland

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