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As Kitten Season Nears, AWLA Provides Guidance

Photo: Animal Welfare League of Alexandria

Alexandria, VA – As summer approaches, the weather will grow warmer, meaning more animals will be seen outdoors. Cats and kittens are especially known to prowl neighborhoods.  What to do if you find one? The Animal Welfare League of Alexandria (AWLA) has some advice.

First, if a kitten looks healthy, leave it alone. Only bring kittens into the AWLA for emergencies. Emergency scenarios are: 1) kittens visibly sick or injured, 2) kittens trapped or otherwise in danger, or 3) kittens who appear to have been abandoned by their mother. It should be noted that kittens receive the best care from their mother. So if you see one on its own, in most circumstances, there is no need to worry.

Secondly, if you have any questions about a kitten’s welfare, do not go near it or handle it in any way. Instead, call the AWLA at 703-746-6525. Trained staff who will address the situation appropriately.

Please be aware that by leaving a kitten where you find it, you are also limiting person-to-person contact and the spread of COVID-19.

To receive info about kitten season or how to help a kitten you have found, write [email protected]

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