National Park Service Gives Green Light to AlexRenew Project

Construction expected to begin this December

AlexRenew project will protect the Potomac River (Photo: courtesy of

Alexandria, VA – The National Park Service has finished an Environmental Assessment for Alexandria Renew Enterprises’ (AlexRenew) RiverRenew project. AlexRenew can now move forward with a project that will protect Alexandria’s waterways.

On April 14, Lisa Mendelson-Ielmini, NPS Acting Director for the National Capital Area signed a Finding of No Significant Impact.

The project site will include parts of NPS territory and portions below it. Jones Point, G.W. Parkway, and the Potomac River bed are of specific interest.

RiverRenew calls for the construction of a tunnel system and sewer infrastructure. AlexRenew’s wastewater treatment plant will also receive upgrades. The components will capture, transport, and treat discharge from the city’s four sewer outfalls.

AlexRenew is currently working with NPS to obtain permits. Construction is expected to begin in December of this year and last until 2025. Both parties are committed to community engagement to minimize the impact of construction.

To review RiverRenew documents, click HERE. For more information about the project, click HERE.

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