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TITAN TALK: Watch Two T.C. Grads Talk Shop About Alexandria City — Justice and Old Times

Watch LIVE on Friday, April 24 at p.m.

Councilwoman Amy Jackson will host Commonwealth’s Attorney Bryan Porter on Z-TV’s “Titan Talk” broadcast Friday, April 24, 2020.

ALEXANDRIA, VA – “I have wondered if City Councilwoman Amy Jackson ever sleeps,” says Zebra Publisher Mary Wadland when asked about the Alexandria City legislator’s second upcoming hosting gig on the new Z-TV Live! talk program airing weeknights at 7 pm.

Alexandria City Councilwoman Amy Jackson. (File photo)

“We know she is busy home-schooling her two kids now, in addition to all of her regular City obligations, but we are thrilled she is joining again to showcase some more hot topics in the Alexandria, this time on justice and court happenings.”

The new “Titan Talk” conversation series features graduates of Alexandria’s T.C. Williams High School filling both the host and guest chairs.

In this case, both Councilwoman Amy Jackson and Commonwealth’s Attorney Bryan Porter were in the Class of ’89, and will likely have plenty of local touchstones in common as they explore topics in Alexandria’s past and present.

Crime Fighter and Author Bryan Porter

Bryan Porter has been called a real-life crime fighter who has also made progressive change. Just last year he launched the Alexandria Treatment Court (ATC) as an alternative to jail for people accused of nonviolent felonies with significant substance use disorders. At the time he said, “Citizens who commit nonviolent crimes as a result of a substance-use disorder do not need lengthy incarceration. Instead, they need treatment and understanding so that the underlying root cause of their behavior is addressed.”

Bryan Porter, Commonwealth’s Attorney for the City of Alexandria. (File photo)

Last fall, Porter wrote his first book called “The Parable of the Knocker” about his pursuit, prosecution and conviction of Alexandria’s serial killer, Charles Severance, who was responsible for killing Ruthanne Lodato in 2014, Ronald Kirby in 2013, and Nancy Dunning in 2003. On writing the book, Porter told The Zebra in October 2019, “I think there are some real lessons for society with regard to the intersection of mental health and gun violence.”

At around the same time, Porter showed prowess with a pen when he authored his first children’s book called  “Kit Dreamer and the Case of the Unlucky Lemur” geared for kids 7-11 with nods to The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew’s whodunit series of yesteryear.

Porter has a full plate in the upcoming days when court resumes around mid-May, and Councilwoman Amy Jackson aims to touch on as many things as she can in the talk format, but plans to keep the pace lively and upbeat. As she says, “We’re just two old T.C. Titans talking.”

How and Where to Watch

To see the show live and weigh in with comments and questions, click here to find the Z-TV schedule of streaming broadcasts, or visit the Z-TV Facebook page:

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