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Father and Daughter from Alexandria Pitch Shark Tank a New Gardening Tool

Bob Thorsen shows off the features of the innovative “Burro” wheelbarrow attachment. (Photo: ABC Shark Tank)

ALEXANDRIA, VA – Did you ever start planting flowers or raking leaves and go to look for your gloves or that little trowel you thought you had with you? Wouldn’t it be nice if all those things were available at hand?

We think it’s a pretty good bet that things are about to explode for Mollie Thorsen and her dad Bob who will be pitching their “Burro” gardening tools on ABC’s Shark Tank Friday, May 1.

Lori Lori Greiner, Daymond John and Mollie Thorsen on the Shark Tank set. (Photo: ABC’s Shark Tank)

Based on General Washington Drive in Alexandria, the company called The Little Burros traces its origins to a day when Bob Therson was working in the yard with his wife Sudie.  To help her keep track of her tools and cell phone while she was hauling around the wheelbarrow too, he duct taped some cardboard together and improvised a carrying tray.

It was a eureka moment. A short time later, according to the company’s website, the Thorsons got the whole family involved and started manufacturing a prototype quickly named “one of the top five genius tools.”

We’re not sure exactly what happens because there are rules about disclosure before an episode airs but in a quick internet search we found the newly rebranded “Burro Buddy” available on Walmart now for $39.95 including free shipping and on sale at Home Depot for $35.95.

[Editor’s Note: The one we just ordered says it will arrive by May 6. Good luck Mollie and Bob. Your hometown Zebra is rooting for you all the way.]

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