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Alice’s Kids Will Pay for Headphones for Children in Need

Alexandria, VA — Alice’s Kids, a national charity that provides targeted financial assistance to thousands of children each year, will now start paying for headphones in an attempt to enhance a child’s virtual learning experience in the COVID era. The assistance has been made possible by a $10,000 grant from Doctor Mitchell E. Davis of Washington, DC. The charity has already alerted its network comprising thousands of teachers, social workers and counselors of the availability of this assistance.

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“While many children are getting free laptops and internet service, their learning can be a challenge when the child is trying to hear the teacher while there are other people in the same small room. Headphones will give the child the opportunity to focus on the lesson,” said Ron Fitzsimmons, the Executive Director and Founder of Alice’s Kids.

Ron Fitzsimmons is not only the executive director of Alice’s Kids, he is one of Alice’s kids. For real.

The charity has been assisting children for 11 years by paying for new clothes, glasses, field trip fees, Girl Scout registration, instrument rentals and other items that many other children might take for granted. These may be “small” things but they can make a big difference in a child’s life. Alice’s Kids responds to requests from a network of workers who, when they identify a child with a specific need, email a request form to the charity and the charity either writes a check to cover the cost of the item or electronically sends an appropriate gift card to the requestor. The card is then passed on to the parent/guardian who can then proudly announce to the child that they are getting the desired item or service. Alice’s Kids purposely remains anonymous.

Commenting on the reason for his grant, Doctor Davis said, “If a student is deprived of their education for the simple reason that they cannot hear their teacher, it would be an unfortunate tragedy.”

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Alice’s Kids has been recognized three times in the Washington Post and in other publications, was named “Harris’ Heroes” by Leon Harris several months ago, and in 2017 received the “Daily Points of Light Award” from President George H. W. Bush’s Points of Light Foundation.

For more information, contact Ron Fitzsimmons at [email protected]

Ron Fitzsimmons, Executive Director, Alice’s Kids,

Washington Post Features Alice’s Kids March 9, 2019

Washington Post Features Alice’s Kids March 20, 2019

2017 George H W Bush Foundation “Points of Light” Award

2018 Mount Vernon-Lee Chamber of Commerce “Non-Profit of the Year” Award

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