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Annie O’Neill performs live at the Jimi Hendrix 50th Memorial event in Seattle in October (photo by J. Joshua Diltz/Alien Aftermint Media)

ALEXANDRIA, VA – For Seattle-based musician Annie O’ Neill, her career has had a host of wondrous highlights — even during the pandemic, she was able to still release her excellent EP Wild Card, produced by her nephew — but one true nugget that has stood the test of time has been her bond with the family of rock legend Jimi Hendrix, who also hails from Seattle. Annie not only played music in the past with Hendrix’ brother, but is currently an instructor at the generously-rooted Hendrix Music Academy, which is led by another Hendrix relative.

“I love working and playing music with children and teaching,” O’Neill told host Steve Houk on a recent edition of Z-TV’s Living On Music. “Recently I have worked at School Of Rock in West Seattle, and also with Jimi’s niece Tina Hendrix at Hendrix Music Academy. I’ll be working there more when things get back up and running. Their academy provides free music lessons and even free meals, when I was there sometimes she would serve a family style meal for everybody. And the music lessons were free as well, for children in need. So she’s gonna keep that going.”

Tina Hendrix (L) and Annie

Aside from the Hendrix Academy work, O’Neill has felt lucky to have been friends with the Hendrix clan, and recently helped celebrate a big milestone with them. She also rolled her own version of Hendrix’ “Little Wing” on the recent Z-TV episode as well.

“It was a big honor to recently play at Jimi’s 50th Memorial here in Seattle, live outside, with alot of his family there. And the first time I played ‘Little Wing’ was with Leon Hendrix, Jimi’s brother. Before I started working with Tina, years ago I was just hanging out with Leon one night and asked him, ‘How do you play Little Wing?’ and then just picked up my guitar and played it and have been doing it that way ever since.”

Along with many other influences in her successful musical life, she remains inspired by her fellow Washington state brethren, and their beloved late rock legend.

“Jimi’s spirit is still here, and he’s loved by everyone around the world. He has inspired me to this day.”

Learn more about Annie’s amazing career and hear her play some originals and also that Hendrix gem live, by clicking here: https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=832765587497981

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