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Quick Peek: ‘101 Rescue Puppies’ is Endearing Read and Perfect Holiday Gift

ALEXANDRIA, VA – Kathy Callahan converted me before page 12.  I admit, as much as I liked and cared for household members of the furry persuasion, to me, they were still just a dog or cat.  That changed after reading Callahan’s beautiful new book, “101 Rescue Puppies.”

Using endearing pictures and many heartfelt narratives, Callahan enables readers to experience the personalities, habits, indomitable wills and bonding techniques associated with rescued dogs. Not to mention the profound impact on the people involved.

Kathy explains her transition to a serial foster parent through the touching story of Nala and her litter. She and her family discovered connecting with each fostered dog is unique and rewarding. Not every situation ends happily. The author touches on many issues, from choosing names to the amazing instincts dogs possess.

Kathy’s family benefited collectively when fostered puppies provided a point of common interest at a critical time, as their teenaged children readied to exit the nest. The fostering experience is not always easy and often takes patience and trust, especially between the rescues and the humans. Perhaps the most emotionally taxing element of fostering is letting go. At the beginning, when a permanent home was found there was consternation. Tom, Kathy’s husband, succinctly reassured “trust the dog.”  Still, it takes faith to let go.

Puppy getting some instruction from Mama Nala. (Courtesy photo)

Can’t find that last-minute gift? “101 Rescue Puppies” is for anyone with a heart. I recommend it as a gift even for the Grinch-like person who needs a dose of Whoville spirit! An inspiring read for the holiday season.

RATING: 5 Zebra stripes

AVAILABLE NOW: Locally at Old Town Books, The Variety Store/Hollin Hall, Nature’s Nibbles/Hollin Hall, and Barnes & Noble. It’s also available HERE at AMAZON.

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