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ALEXANDRIA, VA–The Alexandria Chamber of Commerce has worked with small businesses across Alexandria to develop a locally inspired “opoly” board game: ALX-OPOLY*.

Featuring 22 iconic Alexandria land marks, each sponsored by a different local business, the Chamber has ensured there is something in ALX-OPOLY that speaks to every Alexandria business and individual, neighborhood and neighbor.

“As families and individuals are playing this game, it is a way that supports these businesses safely through the holidays,” says Lovie Patish, Director of Events and Sponsorship at the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce. “The Chamber has lots of marketing opportunities to promote businesses, which mainly circle around events. Covid makes events look very different. ALX-OPOLY is a way to market these businesses in a way that gets branding into homes.”

All the color spaces feature different land marks and businesses. Be on the lookout for George Washington’s Mt. Vernon; Burke and Herbert Bank; Mt. Vernon Ave; Virginia Tech as the starting square; and The Old Town Shop with their own player piece; as well as many others in Old Town and beyond.

“We really worked to try to incorporate different landmarks and neighborhoods,” explains Lovie. “We are focusing on trying to be as inclusive as possible. We have highlighted the Women’s Leadership Forum in a player card, the African American Heritage historical site, and outfitting businesses for those who require aid for disabilities. Our goal was to hit home all the wonderful things about Alexandria.”

The Chamber is producing 1,000 physical board games for purchase. You can purchase ALX-OPOLY through the Chamber of Commerce website and social media, and directly via Chamber members’ email.

The Chamber is also working with a number of brick and mortar retailers where games will be sold.

ALX-OPOLY is currently available for bulk preorders of 10 or more. Preorders of any size will be available January 4. All games will be physically available at the end of January.

“People are really excited,” says Lovie. “They think it’s a great idea. Businesses are excited to have their branding in peoples’ homes. Families are excited to have an Alexandria-themed version of one of their favorite games to add to their collection. The Chamber is excited to be a part of that.”

Lovie concludes, “People love Alexandria; the community and the businesses.”

This board game will be a way to unite and celebrate both.

Visit to preorder your ALX-OPOLY today!

*ALX-OPOLY is not affiliated with the Monopoly trademark.

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