Find These Senior Dogs a Home for Christmas

Chaquira (left) and Princesa (right) show off their gorgeous smiles.

ALEXANDRIA, VA–It is almost Christmas Eve and some are still last minute shopping. What better gift to give than giving these two senior dogs a home?

Nine-year-old German Shepherd mix Chaquira, and her daughter eight-year-old Princesa, are a pair of inseparable pups looking for a home this holiday.

The two were surrendered to a shelter in Miami in November, and have been at risk of not finding a home ever since.

True & Faithful Pet Rescue Mission, a non-profit that transfers at-risk animals from facilities in Florida and Texas to other shelters better equipped to find them homes, contacted the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria (AWLA).

“The team at AWLA knew how devastating separating these two senior dogs would be and immediately agreed to take them in, along with twelve other dogs of various ages and breeds,” notes an AWLA press release.

The AWLA staff describe Princesa and Chaquira as “calm,” “sweet,” and “so loyal.” They are both social dogs who respond well to new things, people, and other dogs.

The pair enjoys long, leisurely walks, as well as ear scratches, treats, and snuggles.

Princesa and Chaquira are ready to celebrate the holidays with a loving family.

“I feel like our supportive, animal-loving community is exactly the right place for these sweet seniors to find their family,” says Gina Hardter, Director of Marketing and Communications at AWLA.

Adoption fees for Princesa and Chaquira are pre-paid until December 31, so AWLA is hoping to find their forever home by the new year.

To learn more about Princesa and Chaquira, you can email the AWLA Adoptions Team at [email protected] to schedule a time to meet them virtually or in person.

If interested in adoption, AWLA will proceed with a phone consultation, where they answer any questions, review medical histories, and “generally aim to set everyone up for a successful adoption,” Gina explains.

A final pick-up time will be scheduled to sign the adoption forms and take Princesa and Chaquira home, which can all be completed socially distant while remaining in your car in the parking lot.

This process can be completed in one day so Princesa and Chaquira are ready to go home as soon as they have one!

AWLA Executive Director Stella Hanly says, “Senior dogs like Princesa and Chaquira have spent their whole lives giving love to others, and they deserve just as much love in their older years.”

What better gift to give than a safe, warm home with a family that gives just as much love as these two dogs?

If you think you might be Princesa and Chaquira’s forever family, contact AWLA at [email protected] or (703) 746-4774.


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