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Sunrise Senior Living Hosts Adoption Event at Mount Purrnon Cat Cafe and Wine Bar

(Photo: Amanda Mayer Schnellenberger)

ALEXANDRIA, VA–Sunrise Senior Living is hosting an adoption event at the Mount Purrnon Cat Café and Wine Bar.

The adoptable cats at Mount Purrnon are from the local cat and dog rescue, Fancy Cats. There are around 15-20 adoptable cats at Mount Purrnon at a given time, and this time, Sunrise has chosen to sponsor Charlie.

Charlie has been sponsored by Sunrise Senior Living and will be at the Cat Cafe adoption event this Saturday. (Photo: Amanda Mayer Schnellenberger)

“Sunrise is a very pet friendly community,” says Amanda Mayer Schnellenberger, Assisted Living Coordinator at Sunrise Senior Living. “We love to see our residents move in with their furry family members. In addition, Sunrise is new to the neighborhood and looking forward to supporting local, small businesses in the area, especially ones that do so much for our community, such as Mount Purrnon.”

If interested in adoption, there will be paper copies of the application onsite, or you may visit the Fancy Cats website, where, you can find the online application, as well as adoption fees.

Fancy Cats also has a lovely Seniors for Seniors program, in which adopting a cat is free for adults over the age of 65!

Entry fees for the event will be covered by Sunrise, so, come grab a cup of coffee, a glass of wine, and maybe even a cuddly cat!




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