One Door Closes, Another Re-Opens for Local Pet Groomer

Rachel Winstead, owner of Hairy Situations, has found herself circling back to her grooming roots. Learn more about her journey here!

Rachel Winstead, former owner of Hairy Situations, returns to her grooming roots at Annandale Pet Spa. (Photo: Grace Billups Arnold)

Alexandria, VA – Rachel Winstead, owner of Hairy Situations, has found herself circling back to her grooming roots. After closing the Hairy Situations salon at the end of December 2020, Rachel is now working as a groomer at Annandale Pet Spa, 4530 John Marr Drive, Annandale, under owner Paul Belvin, and it’s not for the first time.

“I knew I was going to be closing the salon for a few months,” Rachel says. “I have known Paul at Annandale Pet Spa for 20 years. He helped me learn how to groom when I was 23 and just a baby groomer. We developed a strong friendship.”

After closing Hairy Situations, Rachel took a month off and, during this time, rekindled her friendship with Paul, who welcomed Rachel back to Annandale Pet Spa with open arms.

Rachel has grown over those 20 years since first working for Paul: both professionally and emotionally. “As a previous owner, I can understand and relate to Paul,” says Rachel. “Paul supports me, and I get along great with the people who work there, so the transition has been good.”

Rachel has kept in touch with many of her Hairy Situations clients, like dog Winnie. (Photo: Grace Billups Arnold)

While leaving Del Ray was bittersweet for Rachel, she has upheld her relationships with her clients. “Hairy Situations grew fast, so everyone was shocked to learn that we were closing. The community and my clients were just so supportive and wonderful.”

Because of her grooming talent and her deep relationships with clients—human and canine alike—many clients followed Rachel to Annandale Pet Spa.

Rachel is a full-time groomer specializing in rescue dogs and dogs with special needs, but she welcomes all new clients for any grooming needs, from basic nail trim to a full furry blowout.

For more information about Rachel and all services at Annandale Pet Spa, you can contact (703) 642-5320 or visit

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