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Rebuilding Houses for Alexandria’s Low-Income Homeowners is Rebuilding Lives Too

Rebuilding Together is a D.C.-based 501c3 nonprofit specializing in repairing homes for low-income homeowners, and this year it has had to rebuild its business strategy. Read how...

In November, Rebuilding Together received a grant from Lowe’s to help veterans in their homes. This
project in D.C. included gutter, vent, and carpet repair. (Courtesy of Rebuilding Together)

Alexandria, VA – Serving five Alexandria zip codes, Rebuilding Together is maintaining Alexandria’s history amidst the pandemic. Rebuilding Together is a D.C.-based 501c3 nonprofit specializing in repairing homes for low-income homeowners, thereby revitalizing communities and rebuilding lives. This year it has had to rebuild its business strategy.

The company offers construction and repairs to the residents in Alexandria and D.C. who need it most and at no cost to the homeowners. Rebuilding Together usually works with large companies for funding and holds a massive annual volunteer event that draws over 1,000 volunteers on National Rebuilding Day. This year, NRB is scheduled for June 26. Rebuilding Together plans to continue monitoring area Covid-19 cases and adjust accordingly.

Now working with local small businesses, contractors, and fundraisers to repair homes, Rebuilding Together meets clients’ immediate needs, whether it’s a major electrical overhaul, a roof redo, or installing a chair lift on a staircase.

The pandemic has restricted an exponential number of Americans at home, and for many, little safety hazards can pose large liabilities. “Small things are big when you are at home all day,” says Maggie Klefstad, director of development at Rebuilding Together. “There is excitement on both ends when [a project] is finally getting done. Our clients have lived in their homes or in Alexandria for a long time. Keeping that home in the family and in Alexandria is really important.”

Rebuilding Together’s application process is simple: Clients call to receive an application regular mail or email. They fill out the one-page application, then proceed with specific needs for their home. When the application is complete, a project manager comes to the house to do an assessment. With COVID-19-protocols, This is done solely outdoors to comply with COVID-19 protocols. Any needed indoor repairs must be submitted by photograph, with a detailed description.

Anne, a D.C. resident, describes how she felt after her experience with Rebuilding Together: “I feel like I’m not a burden on the community; I never thought retirement would make it so I couldn’t do certain things in regard to my home; this organization helped my home a lot. I can at least see the light at the end of the tunnel.”

No job is too big or too small for Rebuilding Together. (Courtesy of Rebuilding Together)

The employees at Rebuilding Together do what they do out of compassion and personal experience. Outreach Coordinator James Anderson says, “My half-brother was homeless on and off. It was difficult to see. Regardless of the situation, anyone is deserving of help, compassion, and awareness.”

Rebuilding Together caters to each client’s specific needs. Working with local businesses in the area, they provide help, compassion, and awareness through not only home repairs but also gift cards, meal deliveries, home safety kits, first aid kits, light bulbs, power strips, and more.

When small things come together, they can make something big; when small businesses come together, they can build something great. If you, or someone you know, need home repairs or simply some help, contact Rebuilding Together at or email at [email protected] or call 703-836-1021.

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