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Last Chance to Experience The Winter Lodge at The Loft at Lena’s


The Loft at Lena’s is still cozy in its Winter Lodge theme, for a limited time only. (Photo: Grace Billups Arnold)

ALEXANDRIA, VA–On Thursday evening of March 4, 2021, a smooth saxophone tune swung in the air of the Winter Lodge at The Loft at Lena’s. I was transported back to Christmas time, sitting amidst snow covered pines and woodland creatures with a mulled wine from the specialty menu warming my palms.

Every Thursday from 6pm-8pm at The Loft at Lena’s, you can enjoy live music from local artists.  This evening, The Loft at Lena’s was graced with the Vaughn Ambrose Duo and a semblance of normalcy. Heidi Hess, Director of Communications for the Yates’ businesses, says, “The live music seems to be a big hit with our customers since it’s been a long time since many of them have been able to enjoy live music.”

The Vaughn Ambrose Duo played beautiful saxophone and guitar. Catch other local live music acts every Thursday at The Loft at Lena’s and every Tuesday at Lena’s Beer Garden. (Photo: Grace Billups Arnold)

A long time it has been indeed. If the Thursday sets at The Loft at Lena’s just aren’t enough to fulfill your live music needs, there is also live music every Tuesday outside at Lena’s Beer Garden from 6pm-9pm. A current schedule of performances can be found here. Live music and warm weather have been much missed. As spring approaches, Lena’s Beer Garden is the perfect place to rekindle a love for outdoor dining.

There is live music every Tuesday at Lena’s Beer Garden. Perfect for spring dining. (Photo courtesy of Heidi Hess)

With the spring season, the Winter Lodge theme at The Loft at Lena’s will be transformed into its new experience, which remains a secret! The last day to dine in the Winter Lodge is March 21. The Loft at Lena’s will then close on March 22 to take on its transformation, and reopen on March 26 for spring. To be the first to know about the new experience, text ESCAPE to 703-683-5330.

The Winter Lodge theme is almost over, so come experience it while you can! (Photo: Grace Billups Arnold)

During the transformation period of The Loft at Lena’s, patrons are welcome to immerse themselves in the other three experiences Lena’s has to offer. Lena’s Beer Garden, of course, has live music every Tuesday evening. Lena’s Oasis, located on the top floor of the parking deck at Yates Corner, is a “destination dining venue,” complete with cabanas, foliage, and specialty drinks, for when you need a getaway not so far away. Lena’s Taproom is their traditional restaurant space, with traditional Italian style dishes that will make you feel as if you are a part of the Yates family sitting at their dinner table.

Lena’s Oasis is a beautiful rooftop get-away that is not too far away from home. (Photo courtesy of Heidi Hess)

With four unique dining experiences, as well as curbside pickup and delivery, Lena’s is well-patronized by all sorts of Alexandrians. Despite a bustling dining scene, the parking experience was as smooth as the jazz by the Vaughn Ambrose Duo. Lena’s offers free parking available in their parking deck (entering via the 7-Eleven entrance on Braddock Rd), as well as a parking attendant after 5pm to direct diners to available spots.

Lena’s Taproom is the traditional restaurant space for their traditional, Italian-style dishes. (Photo: Grace Billups Arnold)

When I pulled up, the attendant came to my vehicle and politely said, “Follow me.” He carefully guided my car to an available spot, and helped me park perfectly. The entire process took less than 5 minutes. It was one of the simplest parking experiences I have had at a restaurant.

In addition to the convenience of the parking deck and attendant, there is ample street parking on Braddock Rd. and after 5pm on Mt. Vernon Ave.

Each of Lena’s dining experiences is as safe as it is unique. In addition to meeting and exceeding COVID-19 guidelines, Heidi explains, “We have installed UV-C fans that kill 99.99% of airborne pathogens, including the virus that causes COVID-19.” These fans inside The Loft at Lena’s are equipped with UV-C lights to kill specific airborne pathogens, and fan blades that assist the air circulation inside the restaurant. As well, masks are always worn by staff, and hand sanitizer is available on each socially-distant table.

One of the UV-C fans in action at The Loft at Lena’s. (Photo: Grace Billups Arnold)

If you are ready for a return to normal, Lena’s has you covered, with easy parking, live music, comfortable outdoor dining, and safe indoor dining. Come start your return to normal with a final winter fix at the Winter Lodge at The Loft at Lena’s until March 21. Then on March 26, embrace a new them, a new menu, and a new season.

Lena’s is known for their wood-fired pizza’s, and boy did their pie exceed expectations! (Photo: Grace Billups Arnold)

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