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Sheriff Dana Lawhorne Retires and Endorses Captain Sean Casey


Dana Lawhorne (left) and Sean Casey (right) at 2019 Taste of Del Ray. (Photo courtesy of Sean Casey)

ALEXANDRIA, VA–Sheriff Dana Lawhorne is retiring after a successful 43-year career in Alexandria law enforcement. “It is sad that all I’ve dreamed about and wished for is wrapping up, but I’ve been lucky to have served the city of Alexandria where I grew up,” says Lawhorne.

Sean Casey (middle left) and Dana Lawhorne (far right) at the 2020 Alexandria President’s Day Parade. (Photo courtesy of Sean Casey)

Lawhorne looks forward to spending more time with his family as a “full-time grandfather.”

As he thanks his wife, children, friends, family, neighbors for their support through his storied career, Lawhorne now endorses Sean Casey to succeed him.

Lawhorne has watched Casey grow professionally for his entire 16-year career. “Ever since he arrived at the Sheriff’s office, he’s just excelled in so many ways,” says Lawhorne. “He reminds me of me and I know he cares about this community in a lot of ways, so Sean will make a great Sheriff.”

Sean Casey at the 2020 Alexandria President’s Day Parade. (Photo Courtesy of Sean Casey)

The current Captain at the Alexandria Sheriff’s office, Casey is campaigning for Sheriff of Alexandria. A lifelong resident of Alexandria, husband, and father of two, Casey has served the Alexandria community with pride for 16 years in law enforcement.

Of Lawthorne’s retirement, Casey states, “Dana Lawthorne has served others with respect, dignity, compassion. With him stepping down, I feel strongly that the community and his office deserve for his legacy to continue. So that is why I am going to run for Sheriff.”

Casey is deeply involved in his community, that involvement reflected in his many titles and awards. He is a Medal of Valor recipient for his time at the police department; he is a Chamber of Commerce 40 Under 40 award winner; he is the Co-Chair of the ADC Labor Caucus; and he is the President of the Brookville-Seminary Valley Civic Association.

“I am a proven leader and experienced leader,” Casey says. “I will continue to serve the Alexandria community with compassion, empathy, and fairness.”

In serving the community, Casey strives to continue to prioritize COVID-19 responses and ensure the safety of his staff, those in his custody, and the public. He also vows to expand diversity and racial equity in the work force, and to be an aggressive employee advocate, making sure his staff receives competitive pay, benefits, and safe working conditions.

Sean Casey (left) and Dana Lawhorne (right) on the job for the Alexandria Sheriff’s Office. (Photo courtesy of Sean Casey)

“It would be an honor to have your support and your vote,” concludes Casey.

The campaign will kick off Sunday, March 14, at 4:30pm, with the invitation to be sent out March 9. The vote will take place on June 8.

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