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This Fiction Mirrors America’s Political Family Theatrics

Follow the Whitfield family as they navigate its corrupt world in Rebecca Rose's new novel Love, Politics, and Survival.

Author Rebecca Rose

Alexandria, VA – Review: Love, Politics, and Survival

Author: Rebecca Rose

Publisher: Solstice Publishing

Reviewed by: Ralph Peluso, Literary Editor

Zebra Rating – 5 Stripes

Waldovia is a fictitious country plagued by political deceit and corruption. George Henry Whitfield, a well-to-do, high-ranking career bureaucrat, commits an error in judgment when he decides to remain neutral as a coup evolves against the Department of Security and Action head Edward Roth. George is then forced to work for Edward as an underling. It appears to most that George has received a promotion, but he is fighting to keep his family’s reputation clean and protect their lives. Unfortunately, indications are pointing to his son’s involvement in the insurrection attempt.

George, the family patriarch, finds his life is a conundrum, cluttered with contradictions and emotional anguish. To save his son from prison time or execution, George accepted a step down from previous positions like chief of staff, senator, and department director. He is trapped working for a man, Edward Roth, whom he despises. A man out to strip George of everything important to him, including his dignity. A man who made an art form out of abusing and mistreating almost every person George held dear.

George is troubled about marriage. He lives in consternation about requited love and commitment and harbors a deep dark secret. The premarital betrayal by his brother and George’s “about-to-go-to-the-altar-with” fiancé burns inside him. He wonders whether Maria chose him simply because he was the better brother to raise and provide for a family, but may leave him in the long term.

George is dedicated to his responsibility of holding the family together. He accepted his sacrifices for the sake of his family. He believed that in the end, all would be worth it. George believes that he is guided by ambition and political aspirations, while the system around him is corrupt. Unfortunately, he is right about the latter.

Rebecca Rose is a native of Long Island, New York, who lives in the Washington, D.C. area. She has been writing creative stories since she was in Pre-K and came up with the idea of Love, Politics, and Survival when she was 14. Rose graduated with a Master’s degree in American Government from Regent University School of Government. She is a fan of politics, movies, and the Washington Nationals.

Love, Politics, and Survival

This quick-paced novel uses nicely developed characters with complicated relationships that connect with readers. Love, Family, and Politics: A Whitfield Family Novel tackles sensitive themes involving not only family and politics but also love and friendship, betrayal and forgiveness, and anguish and perseverance. Follow the Whitfield family as they navigate its corrupt world. A super read for all. Zebra rating –solid 5 stripes

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