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AlexRenew Proposing Rate Adjustment to Help Fund RiverRenew Program

AlexRenew Environmental Center (Photo: Eric Taylor)

ALEXANDRIA, VA-Alexandria Renew Enterprises (AlexRenew) is committed to cleaner and healthier waterways. Today they proposed a second rate adjustment to help fund the RiverRenew program. The program serves two purposes: to minimize combined sewer overflows into city waterways and upgrade AlexRenew’s wastewater treatment facility.

In a news release, AlexRenew called the rate adjustment critical to funding the $615 million project, scheduled for completion by 2025. The largest infrastructure project in city history, it will prevent millions of gallons of combined sewage from polluting the Potomac River, Hoofs Run, and Hunting Creek.

“Wastewater infrastructure is essential to keeping our community healthy,” said Karen Pallansch, AlexRenew General Manager. “Our shared investment helps ensure the waterways that connect us are improved and preserved for future generations.”

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Their commitment to the project and its outcomes requires increases of 6.9 percent on July 1, 2021 and 6.5 percent on July 1, 2022. The average resident will see an increase of $4 per month on their bill – roughly $50 per year -during the two-year period.

AlexRenew will host a virtual public hearing on Saturday, May 22, 2021, starting at 9:30 a.m,. to hear comments from residents on the proposed rate adjustment. Interested parties may register in advance by visiting

Federal and state low-interest water loan programs were used to secure debt financing for RiverRenew. These programs offer very low interest rates, helping to reduce the rate increases projected at the start of the program.

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