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The Animal Welfare League of Alexandria Has a New Mobile Vehicle for Onsite Surgeries


The new Waggin Wheels van is especially outfitted to transport animals to events across town and to conduct routine surgery. (Photo courtesy of AWLA)

ALEXANDRIA, VA–The Animal Welfare League of Alexandria has a new Mobile Veterinary and Event vehicle. On Tuesday April 20, the first surgeries were conducted in the vehicle. Biscuit, an eight-year-old gray and white cat, was the first to receive surgery.

Biscuit was the first animal to undergo surgery in the new mobile surgery and event vehicle. (Photo courtesy of AWLA)

Several other animals underwent surgery that day, for routine and critical care, such as dental cleanings and spay and neuter surgeries. The AWLA provides all these procedures to all of its adoptable residents.

The vehicle was outfitted especially for veterinary purposes, and AWLA Staff Veterinarian Dr. Erica Caldwell performed the firs surgeries. “This mobile surgery will mean we can take on the routine surgeries, so our partners can focus on the animals needing specialized care,” says Dr. Caldwell.

The veterinary vehicle has been affectionately renamed as “Waggin’ Wheels” by the AWLA staff. It has the capacity to hold at least 10 animals and will travel across the community for adoption and educational events citywide, taking some animals along with it.

The first event Waggin’ Wheels will attend is The Dog Days of Del Ray, a First Thursday event on May 6. It will be primarily used for surgeries until that first event.

AWLA Executive Director Stella Hanly says, “We can’t wait to host adoption events on the waterfront, swing by schools to help students learn more about animal welfare, and just generally be where people want to meet us.”

Dr. Caldwell concludes, “Having the capability to perform surgery onsite means we will be able to assist the greatest number of animals and help them find families of their own.”

Waggin’ Wheels has an invaluable role to play in AWLA’s efforts to help animals across the Alexandria community.

Biscuit’s surgery was a success in the new Waggin Wheels surgery and event vehicle. (Photo courtesy of AWLA)

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