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Upcoming Chamber Events for City Council and Community Engagement

The Alexandria Chamber of Commerce welcomes local community members into this new era of civic engagement.

Mayor Wilson and Council Members John Taylor Chapman, Amy Jackson, and Mo Seifeldein at the 2019 ACC Legislative Breakfast. (Photos: Chamber ALX)

Alexandria, VA – The Alexandria Chamber of Commerce welcomes local community members into this new era of civic engagement. With several upcoming virtual events, Alexandrians can stay informed about and stay involved with their city council members.

On Tuesday, May 18, the annual City Council Virtual Breakfast will be held via Zoom from 8:30 am -10:00 am.

“We have a breakfast every year for members and non-members with the current sitting City Council on local issues. This is a good way to give people a chance to ask questions and get some answers,” says Chamber President and CEO Joseph Haggerty.

Current City Council members will discuss the City’s ongoing response to the COVID-19 pandemic, plans for recovery, City projects, and what the future holds for Alexandria. There will be opportunities for question and answer.

The breakfast has an unlimited capacity and is free to register. Members and non-members of the chamber are welcome to join.

On Tuesday, June 1, the City Council Candidate Chat will be held via Gather Town from 8:30 am -10:00 am.

“Our mission, our goal, is to always present candidates to the public so they can ask questions,” explains Haggerty. “It is something we like to do for our local community.”

Gather Town is a virtual platform that allows users personal avatars to move throughout a virtual venue. For the Candidate Chat, user avatars will be separated into tables of eight, and candidate avatars will move from table to table, spending ten minutes at each table. This will allow one-on-one time with candidates for better focus and genuine conversations.

The Candidate Chat has a limited capacity of 140 people and a registration fee. Members and non-members are welcome to attend. The fee for members is $10; the fee for non-members is $20.

A Candidate Survey will be released in May. All announced candidates for Mayor and Council will be asked to complete a survey of questions derived from the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce’s 2021 Legislative Agenda. Answers will be unedited and available in May.

For more information on registration for both events and information on the Legislative Agenda, go to

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