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Eviction Moratorium and Rental Assistance EXTENDED

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ALEXANDRIA, VA – Though the atmosphere in Alexandria has become more relaxed since the pandemic began in March last year, the community is still feeling the impact and damage that Covid-19 caused. Many lost their jobs as a result of the virus, and people struggled financially to keep up with rent.

Fortunately, Dr. Rochelle Walensky, the Director of the CDC (or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), has extended the Eviction moratorium for an extra thirty days. This gives individuals who were unable to pay their rent until July 31 to do so. 

The City of Alexandria has asked landlords as well as renters to stop evictions from happening, and instead access the resources that they need to meet basic needs. These resources include rent relief assistance and affordable housing options. A list of organizations and programs that can be useful to tenants and landlords in the Alexandria area can be found HERE.

According to the official government website, this eviction prevention will help further stop the spread of Covid-19 by not only providing safe living spaces for individuals, but also keep large groups of people who are possibly unvaccinated from causing large gatherings. The website states that the virus has “Presented a historic threat to the nation’s public health. Keeping people in their homes and out of crowded or congregate settings — like homeless shelters — by preventing evictions is a key step in helping to stop the spread of COVID-19.”

More information on the moratorium can be found on the official CDC government website HERE.

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