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One Week Left: Alexandria Urges Residents and Landlords to Access Rent Relief Now or Never

House with bags and belongings on street after eviction
Detroit, Michigan, USA – August 20, 2014: An evicted house at a suburban street with left belongings on the lawns near the 8 mile road, in the city of Detroit.

ALEXANDRIA, VA – The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) moratorium on residential evictions is scheduled to expire on June 30, and the City of Alexandria is urging renters and landlords to access rent relief programs and resources now to prevent evictions.

Evictions Can Start Again

The moratorium, which was issued in September 2020 and extended three times, temporarily halts evictions of covered persons for nonpayment of rent payments.

The Virginia Rent Relief Program (RRP) provides rent relief to both renters and landlords:

*   RRP provides eligible renters with assistance to cover rent payments past due beginning April 1, 2020. Renters can determine eligibility<> and submit applications online<>, or call 703.962.1884 for more information. View or download a flyer<> for renters in English and Spanish

*   Landlords can apply on behalf of tenants to receive financial assistance for past-due and current rental payments. Landlords can determine eligibility and submit applications online<mailto:determine%20eligibility%20and%20submit%20applications%20online>, email [email protected]<mailto:[email protected]> or call the City of Alexandria Office of Housing at 703.746.4990. View or download a flyer<> for landlords in English and Spanish.

The City’s Department of Community and Human Services (DCHS) Office of Community Services (OCS) also provides rental assistance<> to eligible, low-income households facing a housing crisis or homelessness. Residents can call the DCHS Customer Call Center at 703.746.5700 or text 703.346.5599 to find out if they are eligible.

The Office of Housing also offers additional support to landlords and tenants, including an Eviction Prevention and Housing Stability Toolkit, information on affordable housing opportunities, Fair Housing Law Training, and landlord-tenant mediation services. Visit<> for more information, or call 703.746.4990.

What to do If You Have Been Notified of Eviction

Renters who have received an eviction notice should immediately call OCS at 703.746.5700, text OCS at 703.346.5599 or call the Office of Housing at 703.746.4990 for assistance.

The City’s Eviction Prevention Task Force is working to reduce the number of evictions in Alexandria and develop long-term eviction prevention strategies that address the needs of residents and property owners. To learn more about the multi-agency partnership and eviction prevention assistance, visit<>.

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