How To Use Your DSLR Camera: A Guide for Beginners

How To Use Your DSLR Camera: A Guide for Beginners

ALEXANDRIA, VA – Whether you already have a digital camera or have thought about getting one, you should know the basics of this advanced piece of technology. A DSLR is much different than the camera on your phone or a disposable one. You’ll need to understand different types of camera lenses and how to use them. Your lens kit will likely come with one you can get familiar with. Keep reading for a beginner’s guide to how to use your DSLR camera.

Hold Your Camera Properly

If taking clear photos is difficult for you, you will want to hold your DSLR camera properly. Digital cameras are bulky and get heavier as you add larger lenses. Try propping your arm against something to steady your hand. You can also use a tripod to ensure your camera doesn’t shake.

Learn Different Shooting Modes

To get the most out of your DSLR camera, you should learn the various shooting modes available. The number of shooting modes on your camera will depend on your camera and lens types. Shooting modes are labeled with letters and pictures, like a portrait for portrait mode and an M for manual mode. Modes determine what the shutter will do when you press the button on your camera to take a photo.

Know the Exposure Triangle

The exposure triangle is the three things that you can adjust to change the exposure of your image. When one shifts, the others must typically shift as well. The exposure triangle includes the ISO, aperture, and shutter speed, which are like synergy of elements that work together to create the ideal photo.

Understand the Importance of Light

Without the right light balance, your photos won’t come out how you expect. You should adjust the ISO on your camera depending on the conditions in which you are shooting. If you are shooting outdoors, you may want to use a lower ISO to account for the already present light and vice versa. Further, you want to account for the white balance in your images. Adjusting the white balance will create an even tone in your photos.

Knowing how to use your DSLR camera: a guide for beginners will help you take better photos as you learn to use your camera. Upgrading to a professional camera requires upgrading your knowledge too. The benefits of knowing how to operate your camera are worth your time and energy if you are passionate about photography.

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