Ways To Choose a Signature Dish

Ways To Choose a Signature Dish


All the best chefs and restaurants have a signature dish. It doesn’t matter if you live in Alexandria, VA, or in Paris, France, because you can experience these special combinations from restaurants around the world. To help you find your own unique plate, here are the ways to choose a signature dish.

Find Inspiration

Before you dive into the cooking and testing process, you’ll need to find some inspiration. What ingredients do you use often? What are your favorite entrées to cook? If there are any ways you can combine and create unique dishes with your ingredients, then be sure to write down those ideas. Another enjoyable way to find inspiration is to sample signature dishes at other restaurants. Eating at other restaurants is not only fun, but the experience will give you an idea of what makes a mouthwatering signature dish.

Focus On Your Niche

Another way to choose a signature dish is to find a niche. Some restaurants specialize in flavorful Italian food, while others serve only the best Japanese dishes. Creating a specialty dish in your niche is an easy way to narrow down the options. For example, if you specialize in Mexican dishes, then your signature plate would center around that type of food.

Personalize the Dish

Of course, the most important aspect of a signature dish is its uniqueness. You can put a unique twist on a well-known dish or create something new and different. Also, you can combine ingredients that are never used together and see if it creates a new, flavorful experience.

Cook, Test, and Repeat

After you have a few ideas for a signature dish, it’s time to cook, test, and repeat! You can use a few helpful tips to improve your cooking during the process and taste your creations. Don’t be discouraged if it takes more than a couple of tries to perfect your dish; the result is worth your effort. Remember, some of the best things in life do not come easily, and the most talented cooks in the world use their failures to create their successes.

Mary Wadland

Mary Wadland is the Publisher and Editor in Chief of The Zebra Press, founded by her in 2010. Originally from Delray Beach, Florida, Mary is a Phi Beta Kappa graduate of Hollins College in Roanoke, VA and has lived and worked in the Alexandria publishing community since 1987.
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