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Hi, I’m Brewster.

Hi, my name is Brewster. I’ve only been at the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria (AWLA) since mid-July, but already, it’s pretty obvious that I’m a VIP — that’s Very Important Pup, in case you’re wondering.

All photos are courtesy of my friends at the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria.

As soon as I arrived here, the staff and volunteers all came around to hang out with me. They would take me to see all the different offices and introduce me to new friends who wanted to admire me. I think they were impressed by my big doggie grin. It’s a pretty good grin.  Occasionally one of the people in the red shirts would poke me with something or look carefully at my throat, but that’s fine; not everyone can have the best manners in the world like I do.

The AWLA dog-tor says I have something called a thyroid tumor, which is right in the spot where they kept giving me all those neck massages. It’s not really bothering me at all, but when they prodded it with a needle, they said it was likely to be malignant, whatever that means. It definitely isn’t stopping me from taking fun walks with the nice AWLA staff or snuggling with volunteers in my kennel, and it’s not preventing me from eating the yummy meals (and treats!) that everyone keeps giving me.

This place is pretty sweet with its big yards, breakfast in bed and friends to hang out with at all hours of the day, but ultimately, what would be even nicer is a home of my own with a family who wants to spend all their time snuggling and hanging out with me. Did I mention I’m an excellent snuggler? My technique is to get right in the lap so that your friends know you mean it!

I think I’ll make a pretty good housemate. I like to follow my friends around, and I always like to tell them when it’s time to go outside. I’d be the kind of exercise buddy who would tell you it’s cool to skip a day now and then; sometimes sleeping in is what you gotta do. I take a really good photo, so I could help you build out your Instagram account. And though I said it before, my cuddling skills can’t be beat! If you need a reference, my friends at the AWLA would be happy to provide one.

So if you think I sound like the roommate for you, you can email me at [email protected] to schedule time to meet me, or call my friends at 703.746.4774 (I don’t have my own phone, unfortunately). And if you think I sound pretty perfect but are not ready for a pup of your own, tell your friends about me. Everyone should have the opportunity to have a pal like me, and I love meeting new people. Tell them Brewster sent you, and thanks so much for helping me find my family!

P.S. Catch me on Z-TV LIVE tonight, Tuesday, August 3, at 7pm!

Note from the AWLA: Brewster is an optimistic 8-year-old whose biggest dream is to find a family to call his own. When he arrived at the AWLA, our veterinary team noticed a swelling on his throat, and while it is difficult to biopsy because of its location, a cytology sample has shown it is a thyroid tumor, which is likely to be malignant. Adopters could consider pursuing additional consultation with a veterinary oncologist, who can provide a clearer determination of whether the tumor could be operated on, which could expand Brewster’s life expectancy. We would be happy to talk to potential adopters about his medical records and answer any questions we can to help this special pup find a family to spend his days with, however long those may be.

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