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The Animal Welfare League of Alexandria Rescues 100 Animals from Louisiana


Skid was one of the first animals to exit the plane. (Photo courtesy of AWLA)

ALEXANDRIA, VA–The Animal Welfare League of Alexandria is at it again! Remember when Texas experienced their horrific freezing and the AWLA transported over 50 cats from Texas shelters to safe homes?

Well, it is AWLA to the rescue once more!

Skid takes her first step toward a new life. (Photo courtesy of AWLA)

After Louisiana and other parts of the Gulf Coast were ravaged by Hurricane Ida, the AWLA, along with the BISSELL Pet Foundation and several other local animal shelters and rescues, is transporting over 100 animals to safety.

On September 1, a plane carrying those animals landed in Virginia. They will now be moved to facilities across Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania.

Safe and secure, the AWLA’s newest residents are ready for their trip to Alexandria. (Photo courtesy of AWLA)“Even with the plane doors closed, we could hear the dogs and how excited they were to be here,” said AWLA Adoptions & Transfer Coordinator Jeannette Acosta.

The transport of these animals allows them a chance at finding new homes, while also relieving the Louisiana shelters.

Grits, Grillades, Roux, and Beignet enjoy their first meal in Alexandria.(Photo courtesy of AWLA)

From dogs ranging in ages 3 months to 9 years, to several kittens, the AWLA’s rescue efforts know no bounds. You can help them, too. As these nearly one dozen animals become ready for adoption from AWLA, please find more information at

“We are so grateful to everyone who has been part of this collaborative effort, from our partners on the ground in Louisiana to those helping here in Virginia, taking these pets into their shelters so they can be adopted,” said Cathy Bissell, founder of BISSELL Pet Foundation. “This was a massive team effort with people all across the country helping each other, and while part of the work is finished, there is more to be done as we continue to help the displaced pets in Louisiana.”

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