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Innovations Pushing Growth in the Cannabis Industry

Cannibis innovations.

In terms of technology and development, the world has unquestionably progressed significantly. As time progresses, people discover new ways to improve a variety of existing technologies. Also, a significant amount of progress has been made in the cannabis industry as a result of legalization and technological advances. People are putting their creativity and inventiveness into many initiatives inside the cannabis business, which is why it is poised to grow even further. If you’re interested in learning more about these advancements and innovations, make sure that you keep scrolling because we will be providing you with a list below.


More innovations in the cannabis industry are being invented and as for the consumption of weed, they may give you other options of how to consume it. The most popular way of getting marijuana in the bloodstream is through smoking but as of now, new ways of taking it have been invented. Nowadays you can even sip it in a drink, lather it on your skin, and let it sit in your mouth. Cannabis beverages have been all over the market thanks to nano-emulsification, a process that involves breaking the cannabis oil into particles. You can now put marijuana on your skin in the form of topicals and lotions. Finally, toothpicks infused with THC let you enjoy cannabis by letting it sit in your mouth without the hassle of eating it. A lot of these products are available online, and retailers like Daily High Club are constantly improving their catalogs to make sure they offer the best experience possible for their consumers.

Although some might find these innovations weird or silly, in reality, they are creating more ways of consumption to entice prospective weed users and current users to try new things.


Ever heard of a wine tour? Well, cannabis tourism is exactly like that, except there’s no wine or vineyards, just cannabis. This indulgent journey covers areas and states where pot is legal. Aside from smoking, some of these places offer recreational activities for weed enthusiasts. If you love marijuana you have to check this list of states where you can go on a tour: Washington, Colorado, California, and Oregon. The market for cannabis tourism certainly isn’t small and in Colorado alone, in 2019, marijuana sales rose to $927 million, giving way for an expansion of tourism. Thanks to the legalization of cannabis and its tourism, job opportunities have opened left and right for work in tourism, growing more and more jobs in the marijuana sector.


A push for agricultural innovation also came along in the marijuana industry right besides tourism. Ever since weed has been legalized it has gained popularity for quite some time and growers are starting to come up with more technological innovations to be resourceful while the demand for it progressively increases. A few of these innovations include: Aqutonix, LED lights, and lastly tampering with the DNA of the plant. Aqutonix is a watering machine that increases the yield. LED light is used as a better substitute for sunlight in hopes of increasing the production of THC.

LED light can also boost sustainability and profits in cannabis when used with feminized cannabis seeds. This is important to cannabis cultivation because only female plants produce consumable flowers.

Using the power of science, breeders sequence the DNA of the plants to achieve a distinct taste. These innovations may revolutionize the weed and agricultural industry if funded properly.

Payment Processing

While innovations for consumption continue to grow, so do the way sellers process a payment transaction. New technology now allows buyers to have a cashless transaction in the comforts of their homes through their phones. This is called Application Programming Interface software and it lets companies and businesses have digital payment in their systems. Another kind of this technology involves the use of blockchain by producing cryptocurrency that can be used to process payments and transactions, and by recording transactions safely on “a block,”. Payment has been a major problem in the marijuana industry but these innovations have provided businesses the solution they were looking for.


Ever since its legalization, the weed industry has been growing bigger and bigger as the clock ticks by. As it continues to grow, so does the demand for better services and experiences. Its service has been improved through the innovations in the processing of payments while innovations in tourism, agriculture, and consumption provided a better experience for users. Some changes may be hard to catch up to but as the industry continues to move along with time, so should you.


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