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Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation Celebrates 20 Years

Lost Dog Café Owners Matthew and Mila Sisk, with their daughters and rescue dog, and Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation Executive Director Dawn Wallace (standing, left) on the outdoor patio of the Alexandria Lost Dog Café. (Photo Grace Billups Arnold)

Alexandria, VA – The Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation is celebrating its 20th anniversary. You can help to celebrate and save more animals at their series of Lost Dog Cafés!

Alexandria’s Lost Dog Café, at 808 N. Henry St., was the last of the cafés to open, but it is one of the most beloved. Its dog-friendly outdoor patio is always full, and food is always flowing.

“I can’t even describe the amazing synergy between the cafés and the Foundation,” proclaims Mila Sisk, one owner of the Lost Dog Café in Alexandria.

This synergy is a symbiotic relationship. Executive Director of the Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation, Dawn Wallace, explains, “The Lost Dog Cafés support the fundraising of adoption and fostering events of the foundation, sharing the great work of the foundation with the community.”

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Acting as a homing beacon for those looking to adopt, foster, and rescue, the Lost Dog Cafés are an extension of the foundation. Alexandria Lost Dog Café owners Matthew and Mila Sisk lead that mission by example, as they adopted a dog from the foundation eight years ago.

The pandemic posed adoption challenges for both the Lost Dog Cafés and the foundation, but Wallace found their stride online. Adopting a virtual interview and adoption/foster process has benefited both people and animals in many ways.

The Lost Dog Café boasts a funky, colorful palette of colors to accompany their colorful menu. (Photos courtesy of Matt Sisk)

“Live adoption events can be stressful for our cats and even some dogs,” states Wallace. Luckily, the online adoption process has proven so successful that the foundation will keep this option open along with a return to live adoption events.

With upgrades in technology and the popularity of the cafés, the Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation will be able to continue to help animals in need and place them in the perfect loving homes for at least another 20 years, and no doubt many more.

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