The Most Common Mistakes Made by Beginner Golfers

The Most Common Mistakes Made by Beginner Golfers

ALEXANDRIA, VA – Players should study the most common mistakes made by beginner golfers so that they can recognize the areas of their game that need improvement. Most people who make these mistakes don’t even realize that they are mistakes.

Using the Wrong Clubs

More than most sports, golf has a very steep learning curve. To operate confidently on the golf course, you must study and understand the uses of each club. It’s not uncommon for a new golfer to play with a five iron when they should have used a four or to attempt a putt when they should pitch. It all takes time and practice to nail down.

Swinging Too Hard

Swinging too hard is one of the most common mistakes made by beginner golfers because a player who doesn’t understand how to swing a golf club may follow the time-honored strategy of just hitting the ball as hard as they can. This technique might get you further in baseball or hockey, but you will probably just look foolish in golf. Instead, it’s better to study how to accomplish a slow, strong, deliberate swing.

Poor Practice

As with any sport, many players—especially beginner players—will slack off during practice. The most common golf practice sin is to just hit golf balls out into the distance without much interest in where they land. When you go to the driving range, you should be aiming at specific targets to practice your alignment.


Casting occurs when a golfer loses their wrist angle during the downswing. As you bring up the club, you want your wrists to hinge toward your body. As you lower the swing, your wrists unhinge, creating a snapping effect that pushes the ball forward. When you cast, you don’t hinge your wrists, so the ball never receives that extra push.

Casting is common because beginners are not yet aware enough of their bodies to recognize if their wrists do or do not hinge. Golfers who want to end this habit can look at a few useful tips to stop casting the golf club.

Mary Wadland

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