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New Alexandria Sheriff Sean Casey Cancels Swearing-In Ceremony Citing Covid Crisis

Alexandria Sheriff Sean Casey officially took the oath of office on December 28, 2021 on his front lawn surrounded by family. (Photo; Facebook)

ALEXANDRIA, VA – There’s a new sheriff in town after 16 years, and he is scheduled to be sworn in publicly on Tuesday, January 11, but out of general concern for the community’s health, Sheriff Sean Casey is cordially skipping the pomp and circumstance for now.

About ten days ago, Sean Casey took the oath of office in his front yard, surrounded by his wife and children, writing on his Facebook page, “On December 29th I was sworn in as Sheriff of Alexandria by Greg Parks, Alexandria Clerk of Circuit Court. I began my term as Sheriff on January 1st. Unfortunately, due to Covid-19 I was not able to do a more formal ceremony, so the front yard had to do! Luckily I had plenty of help.”

In an email sent today to the public and invited guests, Casey said, “I have decided to cancel my swearing-in ceremony which was scheduled for January 11th. The increase in COVID-19 cases in our region has impacted Sheriff’s Office operations and our community.”

As a result, he shared the need to fully direct his attention and staff resources to the safety and health of Sheriff’s Office employees and inmates at the Adult Detention Center.

He added, “In addition, I want to limit community spread of COVID-19. I’m deeply honored to now serve as the Sheriff of Alexandria and I appreciate the tremendous support I’ve received from former Sheriff Dana Lawhorne, my family, community members, and many others, but in considering the meaning of my oath, I recognize the need to forgo a ceremonial occasion and focus our complete attention and resources on public safety and health priorities.”

Sheriff Dana Lawhorne retired after a 43-year career in Alexandria law enforcement.  He has stated publicly that he plans to enjoy his days with his wife of 35 years, Linda Lawhorne and their family. And he plans to use his expertise around City Hall to help other Alexandrians, which is why he recently registered his new company Dana Lawhorne and Associates.

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Mary Wadland

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