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How to Learn Business Spanish Quickly and Effectively

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Speaking multiple languages is becoming increasingly important in a globalized world. You can do several things to make the process easier and more effective if you want to learn Business Spanish. This article will outline some tips on learning business Spanish quickly and effectively. So whether you’re new to the language or just looking to refine your skills, read on for helpful advice.

Have a Plan

You can make a step-by-step plan to get closer to your destination even if you only have twenty minutes a day. Make at least an approximate plan of your way to the goal: how many times a week and how much time you are ready to devote to conversational Spanish. The goal is excellent, but the dream will remain if you don’t move towards it.

Don’t just rely on inspiration. Motivation is still just motivation, but the habit of specific actions, diligence, and discipline leads us to results. Hang there for at least 21 days, and you will see the improvements.

Don’t like to plan? It can be helpful to make a checklist:

  • Watch 1 episode of the Spanish series;
  • Listen to 1 song in Spanish every day;
  • Follow on social networks a Spanish-speaking person with similar interests;
  • Register on a website to find pen pals and write to at least one of your most attractive Hispanic comrades.

Evaluate progress correctly: it is more effective not to look at how much is left but to mark the path already traveled. Say yes to regular small tests and reviews. You can at least compare how much better you began to understand a song after a couple of months of classes. Look for the funny song “One semester of Spanish” on YouTube, and listen to it again in a couple of months if you are a complete beginner.

Learn How to Negotiate

Interactions with other people are always an opportunity for debate and negotiation. It’s essential to find common ground so you can come out on top in any argument, but it takes both parties working together harmoniously. You need all your negotiating skills when it comes to professional life. You may be dealing with the opportunity and income for current jobs or looking into new ones; there is always something on these subjects that needs negotiation. Luckily we found two YouTube videos from Reyes, who teaches people how to get what they’re asking of them in Spanish (of course).

Negotiation can be a very tricky thing to do. You must know how your counterpart feels about every issue and what would consider agreement or disagreement because this will help when trying to argue a point later on. Watch the videos to tackle necessary negotiations. These concepts also can apply everywhere negotiation comes into play.

Learn According to Your Memory Type

Visuals need charts and flashcards, and audio will be most effective by listening to recordings and viewing cards with audio. Play to your strengths. Have you developed mechanical memory? Rewrite dialogues, arrange tables manually. Love movement? Use the Spanish video tutorials to learn new exercises or dances. You can beautifully write down the necessary information in a notebook, emphasizing the most important with markers and highlights. It will help you remember the data and, at the right time, fish out the correct picture from the depths of memory. Keep in mind that most people on the planet remember what they saw better if you find it difficult to determine the dominant type of memory.


Turn on Spanish radio and TV channels in the background when doing household chores. Use headphones if others do not share your interest. Repeat aloud everything that you have learned. It is crucial to hear your voice and pronounce sounds more often to improve pronunciation.

Specific TV channels can turn off English voice acting to watch TV shows in the original language. Look in the program guide, for example, “Grand Hotel” or “Velvet Gallery.” You can improve your business Spanish in no time. Just follow our tips and enjoy the process, and don’t forget to share your improvements with friends and colleagues. Still, the more you practice, the better result you have.

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