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Hoffman Co. Donates $30,000 To Alexandria Schools, PTSA

By Lucelle O’Flaherty

Deputy Sheriff Victor Ignacio, Hammond Principal Dr. Pierrette Finney, and Hoffman Co. President Lauren Douglas (All photos: Lucelle O’ Flaherty/The Zebra Press)

ALEXANDRIA, VA – On May 22, Hoffman Co., the Alexandria real estate developer, gave a total of $30,000 to Alexandria City Public Schools and the Parent Teacher Student Association (PTSA). Checks of $10,000 each were presented to Cora Kelly School, Hammond Middle School, and the PTSA. The donation was coordinated by Alexandria Deputy Sheriff Victor Ignacio.

Lauren Douglas, the president of Hoffman Co., proudly represented Hubert N. “Jay” Hoffman III.

The recipients expressed their gratitude upon receiving the gift, saying that it will be used in many ways. Supporting social learning is just one example.

Cora Kelly Principal Jasibi Crews and Lauren Douglas

“We are extremely grateful for this donation from the Hoffmans, said Jasibi Crews, Cora Kelly Principal, “and will use it to help celebrate our wonderful staff whose dedication has helped our school through the many challenges of the past two years.”

“We plan to use this on social, emotional, and academic learning supports for our students and staff, as well as for family engagement activities,” Hammond’s principal Dr.Pierrette Finney said.

PTSA President Amanda Kelley with Lauren Douglas

PTSA President Amanda Kelley commented that having the moeny will allow the PTSA will give the PTSA funding for something they have not been able to do in two years: host a graduation party for Alexandria City High School’s seniors.

“Thanks to this donation we are so excited to host this alcohol and drug free event this year,” she said, “which will include a variety of activities [such as] an inflatable obstacle course, mechanical bull, DJ, food, and more.”

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