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Alexandria Businesses Can Now Save $1,700 on Taxes with New GO Alex Program

image shows a hand holding a SmarTrip metro card for the Washington DC, Metropolitan area
New GO Alex SmartBenefits program can save employers thousands in taxes and offers employees a chance to win a $50 SmarTrip card. (Photo Courtesy Christie Holland)

ALEXANDRIA, VA–On March 3, 2022, GO Alex announced a new program for local Alexandria businesses and employees that could save them over a thousand dollars on annual taxes. But how do taxes and GO Alex’s mission relate?

GO Alex is an organization that incentivizes and enhances the use of public transportation within Alexandria City. Through the promotion of public transit, ride share, bicycles, and walking, GO Alex aims to reduce the dependence on automobile transportation, to improve commuter experience, to increase air quality, and to assist employers with custom commuter programs for employees.

The newest commuter program benefiting Alexandria businesses and employees is the SmartBenefits Plu$50 Incentive Progam. When employers join SmartBenefits, employees can save nearly $1,700 in payroll and income taxes annually. This incentive helps to recruit, retain, and motivate employees at local businesses.

Joining the SmartBenefits program is simple:

After you’ve successfully signed up for the SmartBenefits Incentive Program, you will then be able to offer pre-tax and subsidized commuter benefits to your employees. You will also receive free $50 SmarTrip cards for your staff to begin (or continue) encouraging clean, safe, public transportation.

a woman stands in a white blazer, khaki pants, high heels, and a ponytail
Christie Holland, Transit Specialist for the City of Alexandria Department of Transportation & Environmental Services. (Photo Courtesy Christie Holland)

Christie Holland, Transit Specialist for the City of Alexandria Department of Transportation & Environmental Services, states, “We all have places to be, people to see, and needs to meet. GO Alex’s Smartbenefits® Plu$50 Incentive Program makes traveling, moving goods, and sharing knowledge more affordable and flexible for businesses and employees.”

There is no limit to the number of employers and employees who can apply and begin their saving and safe travel journey, but the free $50 SmarTrip cards are limited, so don’t wait to apply! Over 500 Alexandria businesses already participate in the GO Alex Employer Program. For more information, email [email protected] or call 703.746.4994.

* GO Alex SmartBenefits® Plu$50 Incentive Program is best for employers with 10 or more staff.

** Staff who do not have an existing SmarTrip card and/or account are eligible to receive a free $50 SmarTripcard.

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