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Coffee, Tea, and Boba Shop Yagut St. Opening on Cameron St. in Old Town Alexandria VA

Yagut St. is an offshoot of Sunday in Saigon

Alexandria, VA

Yagut St., the coffee, tea, and bubble  tea is opening at 411 Cameron St. – Yagut St., the coffee and bubble tea shop,  The shop wil be located next door to and being opened by Caphe Bahn Mi. Yagut St. has been operating out of Sunday in Saigon, also owned by Caphe Bahn Mi.

Strawberry Milk with tapioca boba and the Black Sugar Matcha (Courtesy photo)

Look for coffee, tea, bubble tea, and non-alcoholic beverages according to the Special Use Permit application. The location formerly housed the Time Juggler, an antique shop.

No opening date yet.


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