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City of Alexandria to Host Energy and Climate Action Plan Community Workshop

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ALEXANDRIA, VA – The City of Alexandria will host an in-person Energy and Climate Change Action Plan community workshop on Saturday, August 27, from 9 a.m. – 12 p.m. at the Oswald Durant Center at 1605 Cameron St., Alexandria, Virginia, 22314. This will be the third community workshop focused on the update to the Energy and Climate Change Action Plan. Everyone is invited to attend and participate.

During the event, participants will learn how climate change impacts our community. The community workshop will provide an opportunity to provide feedback on new and ongoing actions to help reduce climate change caused by greenhouse gas emissions from buildings, transportation, the electrical grid, and other sources. The community workshop will also provide an opportunity to comment on actions the City may take to help reduce the impacts from climate change. These impacts include rising temperatures and extreme heat, increased rain and other precipitation, as well as changing sea levels.

During the community workshop, attendees will share their perspectives on how Alexandria can help better adapt to the impacts of climate change. Participants will also be able to comment on opportunities for the City to support ALL Alexandria’s race and social equity and environmental justice priorities, as well as consider community health outcomes and economic prosperity opportunities in the implementation of the Energy and Climate Change Action Plan.

The feedback resulting from this community workshop will serve as valuable input on the Alexandria Community’s priorities as the City works toward finalizing a draft of the Energy and Climate Change Action Plan for public comment and consideration by the Alexandria community in fall 2022.

Two virtual community workshops were previously held. The first community workshop focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions from commercial and residential buildings and transportation systems. The second community workshop focused on heat and flooding vulnerability and adaptation. The recordings and materials from both workshops are available on the Energy and Climate Change Action Plan webpage.

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