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Author John Wasowicz, Photographer Daniel Horowitz To Display Works at MADE IN ALX

Items include art inspired by Jones Point, Dangerfield Island, and Gadsby's Tavern

The Wilson Bridge from Jones Point (Photo: Daniel Horowitz)

ALEXANDRIA, VA – Daniel Horowitz and John Wasowicz will exhibit their artistic works featuring local points of interest, including Daingerfield Island, Jones Point, and Gadsby’s Tavern, on Saturday and Sunday, August 28 and 29, from 10 am to 2 pm, at MADE IN ALX, 533 Montgomery Street in Old Town North.

Horowitz will display his extraordinary photographs of the Wilson Bridge, as seen from Jones Point; the marina at Daingerfield Island; and photos of Old Town taken from angles that provide a fresh and unique perspective of familiar places.

Wasowicz will showcase his Old Town mystery series, including “Daingerfield Island” and “Jones Point,” as well as the newly released “Gadsby’s Corner.”

Local residents are invited to join the photographer and writer and discuss their own artistic works inspired by popular locales in and around Old Town.

Horowitz is an organic chemist who spent several years working to protect the environment but was always passionate about urban and landscape photography. His images of Alexandria have appeared in many local galleries and news media sites.

Wasowicz, an attorney, has lived in the Wessynton neighborhood near Mount Vernon for over 30 years. He began the Old Town mystery series in 2017; the series currently consists of 5 books.

Their artwork will be featured as a package at a 20% discount. The photos and books are permanently on display at the MADE IN ALX store, which features artistic creations by over 40 local artisans.

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