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Exciting Transformations at Alexandria’s King Street Corner Restaurants

King's Ransom Cocktail Club and The Handover By The Slice

martini, whiskey sour
Schott’s take on a martini and whiskey sour (Kelli Goel)

ALEXANDRIA, VA – Friday evening, August 26, 728 King Street doors (former Eamonn’s and the Speakeasy Bar PX locations) will open to the public introducing their new food and drink concepts. Upstairs King’s Ransom Cocktail Club continues to offer an outstanding drink menu featuring concepts by award winning bartender, Jon Schott, and light fare such as charcuterie boards . Rolling out something late night King Street lacks, downstairs The Handover By The Slice, will be selling pizza by the slice.

King's Ransom
Entrance to King’s Ransom Cocktail Club (Kelli Goel)

Along with Schott, Director of Operations Rob Csonka is thrilled to offer the public delicious pizza, which customers will be able to sample this weekend at their soft opening. Often times people are looking to grab a quick bite after exiting the neighboring bars, according to Csonka, and The Handover By The Slice will be the answer to their search.

Upstairs, the bar menu may look small with a listing of specialty cocktails, but this is just the beginning according to Schott. “Remember those ‘Choose your Own Adventure Books’ we read as kids,” he says, “this menu hosts the same concept with over 70 recipes coming out of the listed ones on the menu.” The idea is bartenders at King’s Ransom Cocktail Club will be able to lead you to your drink of choice by starting with the listed drinks, taking into consideration your taste preferences and expanding upon them by having additional recipes based on the signature menu items that a customer loves. Schott wants you to experience drinks, not just drink them.

King's Ransom, bar, bartender
Bartender Sheila ready to serve up the specialty drinks (Kelli Goel)

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Kelli Goel

Kelli Goel is a food blogger with The Zebra Press and lives with her husband and children in Alexandria, Virginia.

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