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How Do I Clean Up After a Mouse Infestation?

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How do you clean up after a mouse infestation?

How Do I Clean Up After a Mouse Infestation?

ALEXANDRIA, VA–Not only do female mice give birth to multiple babies at once, but they can have multiple litters in one year. That is, they can give birth to one litter of 5-6 babies in week one and after 25 days give birth to another litter of multiple babies. In a matter of months, you can have 25-35 new mice running around.

That’s why it’s so important to exterminate mice asap no matter how many you have in your home. You don’t need to wait until you have a mouse infestation in the dozens.

Even five female mice can wreak havoc in your home within months. Keep reading to learn how to clean up after a successful mice extermination.

Signs of Mouse Infestation

Here’s a brief synopsis of some signs of mice in your home. This will inform you whether you need to call in rodent extermination services or not.

The primary way is when you see mice droppings everywhere. Not only that but you will see scratch marks on furniture and walls, and also hear squeaking and scratching sounds at night, which is when mice are most active. They are timid creatures and don’t roam around during the day that much.

Cleaning up Mice Droppings and Dead Bodies

Even after mice pest control services do their job properly getting rid of all the mice in your home, you can’t relax yet. You still need to take care of all the cleanup efforts after. This means the following:

Clean up mice droppings: Use gloves (and wear a respirator and goggles) to clean up any mice droppings you see in your home. Mice droppings look like a grain of rice with pointed ends and are blackish brown or gray.

Always soak the mice droppings first in a commercial disinfectant or a 1:10 mixture of bleach and water. Do not ever touch the mice droppings with your bare hands.

Remove dead mice: Same as with the mice droppings, you will need to use gloves and protective gear when dealing with dead mice. That’s because mice carry a wide variety of viruses and dangerous microorganisms on their bodies, like the Hantavirus and Salmonella. Spray the dead mice with the bleach mixture, pick them up using gloves, put them into a trash bag, and throw them into the garbage.

Rodent Control Services Can Help

If you feel like you are not up to this task of cleaning up a mouse infestation, you can call rodent control services to take care of this as well. They can bring in protective gear and clean up your entire home without you having to deal with mice remnants.

It’s also safer for you to choose this option. Contact Planet Friendly Pest Control today, so we can help you make your home pest-free and rodent-free again. This way you can be at peace in your home and not feel on the edge all the time because of the rodent infestation.

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