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ALEXANDRIA, VA – “Let’s Transform the World Through Radical Generosity. Giving Tuesday reimagines a world built upon shared humanity and generosity,” states the Giving Tuesday organization’s website. The big day is coming up this Tuesday, November 29th. 

Giving money, time, talents, neighborly help, kindness, voice, nourishment, and paying it forward are some of the many ways in which we can be generous. Giving Tuesday was born in 2012 with a simple idea – a day to encourage people to do good.

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“Through Giving Tuesday, we have an opportunity to imagine a better world– a world where neighbors help neighbors, a world where everyone has what they need. What does a world centered in radical generosity look like to you? Make a TikTok or Reel, create artwork, or write a poem and tag it #GivingTuesday. Let’s build the world we all imagine to be possible,” states the website.

Whether you choose to support your favorite organizations financially, contribute your time and talents, or surprise a complete stranger with a pay-it-forward for their coffee, altruism has been proven to improve a person’s sense of well-being. It also improves our support networks, helps us become more active, and increases our self-esteem, as cited in an article by

So it’s time to get creative and rally your network of friends and family to do even just one act of kindness or giving this coming Tuesday. The feeling of giving of oneself is contagious and promotes happiness!

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At Zebra Press, we take giving back to the community seriously. We are all about sharing good news and encouraging others. We have many non-profit and private organizations we partner with. The following is a list of those we encourage you to donate to:

Wilderness Kids of Alexandria

Athenaeum Gallery

Ready, Set, Help


Alexandria Scholarship Fund

Life Waters Ministries

Alexandria Welfare League of Alexandria

Cook For Vets

Hearts of Love Fund

Alexandria Film Festival


Metropolitan School of the Arts

SCAN Nova (Stop Child Abuse Now)

Alexandria Tutoring Consortium 


Goodwin Living

Building Momentum

ACT For Alexandria 

Classical Movements

Carpenter’s Shelter

Alexandria Presbyterian Church

Old Presbyterian Meeting House

Fairlington United Methodist Church

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