Give Close Canines a Home for the Holidays: Sisters Sophie and Joey Up for Adoption at AWLA

Sophie and Joey are seeking a new family. (Photo courtesy DeSilva Studios)

ALEXANDRIA, VA – Twelve-year-old bonded canine sisters Sophie and Joey might be considered senior, but they are better described as sweet, social, snow-faced and maybe just a bit sassy. After spending their whole lives living with the same pet parent, they are currently seeking a new home this holiday season from the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria (AWLA).

When their devoted senior owner found herself unable to care for Joey and Sophie any longer, her one wish was that these two dogs, who had lived together their entire lives, not be separated from each other as well as leaving the only home they have ever known. The staff at the AWLA immediately recognized that the only way these sweet girls would be able to join a new family was together.

“Even on the first day they came to us, you could tell that they didn’t want to be apart, not even for a moment,” said Elena Carver, the AWLA’s Veterinary & Foster Care Manager. “But when they were together, they completely opened up. Suddenly this new place wasn’t as scary to them.”

The AWLA wants to help every animal find a loving home this holiday season. In the case of Joey and Sophie, that home needs to be big enough for two charming senior canines. That’s why, as part of the AWLA’s Home for the Pawlidays event, running through the end of December, adoption fees have been paid by Priority Automotive for all adult animals, including Sophie and Joey.

“Every animal deserves a loving family, regardless of their age,” said AWLA Executive Director Stella Hanly. “Sophie and Joey have given so much love in their lives and they have so much more to give. Wouldn’t it be the most wonderful present for them to be in a safe, warm and caring home this holiday season?”

Joey and Sophie are currently available for adoption or for temporary foster. To schedule time to meet them for adoption, email [email protected]. To learn more about providing them with a shelter break by fostering them in your home, email [email protected].

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