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Attend The Titans for Scholars’ Art Auction This Saturday!

The Alexandria City High School club will be hosting their art auction at the Cameron Station Cafe

Two Titans for Scholars posing with some of the art that will be seen at the auction (Photo Courtesy of Cassandra Johnson at The Scholarship Fund).

Alexandria, VA – Do you like art? Do you like coffee? Well lucky for you, Titans For Scholars is hosting a fundraising event that offers the best of both worlds, all in a single afternoon! The Alexandria City High School (ACHS) club will be hosting a can’t-miss art auction at the Cameron Station Cafe to raise money for their cause. Make your coffee count this weekend, and help local highschoolers send one of their own to college!

This Saturday, January 28th, The Titans for Scholars will be hosting an Art Auction at the Cameron Station Cafe, located at 4911 Brenman Park Dr. The café has been around since 2010, serving delicious coffee, sandwiches, and more. The café was renovated in 2019 to fit more people, so there’s plenty of space for you to have food, and view all of the available art

These students spent eight weeks in the fall planning eight different fundraising events (including this one) in order to raise money for the fellow student they will help send to college. The eight weeks following the planning period are dedicated to execution. The club is currently in their execution phase, with their next event just around the corner.

The Titans for Scholars gathering some of the artwork to be seen at the auction (Photo Courtesy of Cassandra Johnson at The Scholarship Fund).


The auction will be filled with art pieces created by members of the community, including Leo Dienstfrey, Lucy Thomas, Marwa Nagshbandi, Hildana Kassa, Kimanh Aslanian, Evelyn Keene, Jenaba Bah, Aly Royster, Karen Adu, Colette Deringer, Cassandra Johnson, Eliana Royle, and Mac Dickson. If you like local, community-made art, then this event is perfect for you.

It takes place, from 12 to 4 p.m. There will not only be art and coffee, but more information about the club. Members are hopeful this will increase community involvement in the club’s mission.

All the art present will be donated by ACHS members, including the art department, other students, and even ACHS alumni. Coffee, delicious breakfast foods, and beautiful art – what more could you possibly want?

The Titans for Scholars is a club founded by two members of The Scholarship Fund of Alexandria, Rosie Wiedemer and Albie Dickson. The two women sent out applications to the entire school, selecting 13 Juniors to be a part of their mission to raise $12,000 to send a senior to college. Once this goal has been met, all ACHS seniors will be able to apply for the money. The process goes through the general Scholarship Fund of Alexandria selection process. (The essays and resumes are read by community members and are scored anonymously through multiple rounds, the highest point winning application will receive the highest scholarship). The selected senior will then be able to use the money for whatever college they please.

The Titans for Scholars posing for a photo (Photo Courtesy of Cassandra Johnson at The Scholarship Fund).

Can’t attend in person? No worries! There are still ways for you to partake in the auction and donate to the club’s cause! The club will have a virtual art auction online, where participants can bid for art pieces without worrying about being present at the actual event. The link to the virtual auction can be found HERE! If you aren’t looking for art, but still want to donate to Titans For Scholars, you can do so through one of the individual donation pages that each member of the club has, such as the link that can be found HERE.

It took a lot of people to put this event together, and they all can’t wait to see you at the auction! The club would like to thank the people involved in putting together this event, including the Titans for scholars members: Makayla Reynolds, Zuha Hassen, Olivia Johnson, Noah Jennings, Marwa Naqshbandi Lucy Thomas, Lucy Savarie, Hildana Kassa, Hayat Ismael, Colette Deringer, Barcot Kumilachew, and Amrit Kaur. Another shout out goes to the club’s sponsors, Rosie Widemer and Albie Dickson, as well as the owner of the café, Dayan Worku.

They appreciate all of the support, and hope to see you there!

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