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Astronaut Sharon Hagle Brings a Bit of Space to Browne Academy Students

These 8th-grade students were in kindergarten when Hagle first visited Browne as she was launching SpaceKinds Global.
(Photos courtesy of Browne Academy)

Alexandria, VA – On Wednesday, May 3, Browne Academy welcomed astronaut and entrepreneur Sharon Hagle to campus. Hagle is the founder of SpaceKids Global, a nonprofit dedicated to bringing the possibility of space to children, promoting STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and math) education for elementary students, and ensuring that girls are represented in that space (no pun intended). Hagle and her husband participated in the suborbital 2022 NS-20 Blue Origin flight in 2002 as the first married couple on a commercial space flight and are planning to go on another Blue Origin flight.

Hagle gave Browne’s 4th-8th grade students an exclusive look into her experience as the 599th person in space. Hagle asked students about their roles in making the world a better place and spoke about inspiring kids in STEAM and environment education. Hagle introduced Browne students to her space pup Saba and answered questions about what it was like to blast off into space. What an inspiring day at Browne Academy!

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