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Alexandria’s Community at Lake D’Evereux Comes With a Park, a Pond, and a Historic House

The new house will face the historic Belvale House. (Photos: Mike Salmon)

Alexandria, VA – The Community of Lake D’Everueux has a pond, townhouses, houses, and the Belvale House, a two-story farmhouse that was built in the 1766 timeframe and is listed for $695,000. The Belvale House has a historic plaque that says it was the country home of the original owner, George Johnston, who was an acquaintance of George Washington when he died in 1766.

This house had an offer that fell through, and now the land was subdivided, and there’s a house being built in the front yard. The property owner subdivided the land and sold the parcel between the old house and Telegraph Road. The buyer is building a new house that will face the Belvale House.

Even though the Belvale House is over 200 years old, there are no restrictions for a potential buyer, said listing agent Sean Vermillon. He’s optimistic that another buyer will come along for the old house; if not, they will rent it out.

The Belvale House has history and a ghost, they say. According to documents in the Virginia Room at the Fairfax County Library, the property dates to a 1698 land grant to Richard Carpenter and then George Johnston, who built the house before he died. Johnston was a friend of Patrick Henry and affiliated with the colonial Stamp Act, and both worked with George Washington. Several of George Johnston’s sons fought in the Revolutionary War.

Legend has it that a duel took place on the property over an argument about seating at a formal dinner. One of the guests was killed in the duel and buried under a cedar tree. His ghost appears at the grave in the cedar grove on the second night of each month.

There is a walking trail around the lake.

Another version of the ghost’s origin holds that a guest at Mount Vernon came to a ball in Belvale House and was killed somehow. Whatever the source of the spirits in the house, “everyone in the neighborhood knew of the ghost,” according to a 1964 newsletter in the Fairfax County Library.

Lake D’Everuex comprises mostly single-family houses ranging from three to five bedrooms, and most of them have garages. The older portion of the community is at the rear of the property against the woods. The newer section consists of townhouses with small yards. Some that face the street have one-car parking out front and no front yard but back to the Huntley Meadows parkland.

In mid-June, one other house on the market listed for $695,000 as well. It was a 4-bedroom, 2-bath home built in 1972 with a swimming pool and gazebo in the backyard.

A playground and tennis courts are near the townhouse section.


In the rear portion of Lake D’Everuex is a community park near the lake with a playground and tennis courts. Franconia District Park and Huntley Meadows Park are two miles away to the north.


Telegraph Road is the primary access. To the south, Telegraph Road links to Fort Belvoir and the Richmond Highway corridor. Going north, it’s about five minutes to Kingstowne shopping, restaurants, and grocery stores and 20 minutes to the City of Alexandria. The Franconia-Springfield Metro station is five miles away.


Lake D’Evereux is in the Franconia District, where the population density is 5,445 per square mile.


Median household income is $131,028

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