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Dreams Intertwine with the Realms Beyond at Del Ray Pizzeria’s Dreampt

The new Del Ray Pizzeria pop-up opens on Mt. Vernon Ave.

Alexandria, VA  Dreampt is the latest pop-up iteration in the second floor of Del Ray Pizzeria, 2316 Mount Vernon Ave. open Friday, Saturday, and Sun­day nights. According to their website, “Step into a world where dreams inter­twine with the realms be­yond, where the boundaries of imagination are pushed. Welcome to Dreampt, an intimate cocktail lounge that invites you to Indulge in an extraordinary senso­ry experience.”

Enter another realm of the ethereal at Dreampt (Photo: Debby Critchley)

We’re drawn to the Sangre de Estrellas made with Espolon Blanco, simple syrup, lime, lemon, and Cointreau. The menu includes Purple Sweet Po­tato Fries with spicy honey and sriracha aioli dips. The Fried Avocado is topped with shredded chicken and that same yummy sriracha aioli dip.

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