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Reflecting on The Chamber ALX’s Dynamic Journey Through 2023

Recipients of the City of Alexandria and Chamber of Commerce Disability Awards gather with Chamber CEO Joe Haggerty, left, and Commission on Persons With Disabilities representative Jeffrey Pool, second from right, June 13 at the American Physical Therapy Association headquarters in Potomac Yard. Pictured are Haggerty, Andre Atkins of Cherry Blossom Pace, recipient Katherine Radt, Pool, and recipient Mac Slover. (Photo: Alexandria Chamber of Commerce)

From The Chamber ALX

Alexandria, VA – In the heart of Alexandria, where history meets innovation, the Alexandria Chamber of Commerce has been making waves, marking 2023 as a year of exceptional growth and community engagement.

This year, The Chamber ALX has taken a proactive approach in showcasing and honoring its members, spotlighting the diverse businesses that call Alexandria home.

Through strategic initiatives, The Chamber ALX members, composed of Alexandria businesses, entrepreneurs, and business-minded residents, thrive as active participants in an engaged and supportive community.

Leadership Alexandria class members enjoy an engaging first session at The Fred W. Smith National Library for the Study of George Washington at Mount Vernon. (Photo: Alexandria Chamber of Commerce)

One noteworthy aspect of The Chamber ALX’s success story is its impressive growth trajectory. On track to exceed 900 members before the year concludes, this surge is a testament to the Chamber’s dedication to fostering a robust business community in our city.

A pivotal highlight is the tremendous success of the Best in Business and 40 Under 40 events, drawing close to 400 attendees each. These events have become a cornerstone of the community, attracting a diverse audience and spotlighting prominent figures.

2023 The Chamber ALX Board Chair and Threadleaf & Company Founder Nicole McGrew with Best In Business Awards 2023 Winner McLaughlin Ryder Investments. (Photo: Alexandria Chamber of Commerce)

Beyond celebratory events, The Chamber ALX has positioned itself as a vital player in advocacy. Actively participating in conversations at the local, state, and federal levels, the organization has tackled critical topics supporting Alexandria businesses, including housing, childcare, transportation, and small business regulations. The Chamber ALX is a crucial link between its members and essential city resources, providing a platform for dialogue and action.

A pivotal component of The Chamber ALX’s success is its commitment to diversity. Its Minority Business Council is a dynamic force that brought together over 150 minority businesses throughout the year. This platform provided networking opportunities and facilitated meaningful conversations, emphasizing the Chamber’s commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

40 Under 40 Event Attendees are engaged as they listen to The Chamber ALX CEO Joe Haggerty’s address to honorees. (Photo: Alexandria Chamber of Commerce)

As we reflect on The Chamber ALX’s journey in 2023, it’s evident that the organization is not just a chamber of commerce; it’s a dynamic force driving Alexandria’s economic and community development. The commitment to member visibility, the resounding success of signature events, active advocacy, and a focus on diversity collectively paint a vibrant picture of a chamber that understands the pulse of its community.

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